April 9th, 2005

disco star

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another day. hopefully another dollar. i'm still brain dead from all the pain killers i took this week, though i haven't taken them in two days. i'm also exceedingly grumpy because my shoulder and neck still hurts. dealt with people at work the last two days who treated me like i was stupid, which is my MOSTEST FAVORITEST THING EVAR! *gives a Mentos thumbs up* i guess the only thing worse than being a female working in an electronics section would be to work in an auto store. i understand you would PREFER the advice of a MAAAAN-being, miss, but geez, can you at LEAST wait until i'm out of ear shot?!?

nothing else of interest to report, really.

i lie. shortly after i got to work, someone blatantly stole something in front of me, the alarm went off, i asked them to come back in, they said no.... nothing i can really do in situations like that, but geesh, i hate confrontation.