April 18th, 2005

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Stop me when I start to sound like I'm quite taken...

So we all journeyed... okay, fine, not ALL, but andrea, jessie, and I, all journeyed to Portland to go to stanieldaniel's apartment for din din. Great fun. I shall have to tell you our adventures with an exercise ball, pushups, and gonorrhea. Hilarity ensued, to be certain, and methinks that I pulled something in my right arm and now have a rug burn on my chin.

Remind me to tell you those stories tomorrow.

Anyhoo, during our drive home, while we're listening to my mp3 player spout out various songs by Jellyfish, Jale, and Marvy 3, brosely states that he wants to be Beast Boy for Halloween, and that Daniel should be Robin. We begin to argue the point, as Daniel is approximately 8 feet tall, give or take a yard or two, so he would OBVIOUSLY make a better Cyborg. Or mebbe it was Raven. Hard to tell, the music was too loud. But faetal said that I should OBVIOUSLY be Raven, because I'm the dark, bitchy one. Well, dark, anyway. And faetal would be the obvious choice for a Starfire, as she has much longer hair and squeaks when she talks excitedly, which happens pretty often. But who would be Robin? Well, Joel, of course....

Now, just to convince him to put on some tights.

So, when we get home, I look up some pics to see what exactly it is I would have to wear. Huh. Turns out long black sleeves and a... is that a LEOTARD?!? But I would get a cape with a fantastic cowl. I've always wanted a cape with a fantastic cowl, and an opportunity to wear it.

Now, to overcome my fear of sewing machines...

for now? it's off to bed, i've had about 2 hours sleep total, and not in succession, over the last 24 hours, so i'm battier than usual.


Personal Heaven...

I'm so tired that I'm practically drooling, so we'll see how well I am able to convey my feelings this evening.

During the drive from Daniel's house to our home, I watched the world go by. I watched the street lamps play off of the numerous evergreens and carniferous (hee hee carnivorous! rawr!) trees as we sped up the 205 towards the bridge that separates Oregon from Washington, and thusly, Portland from Vancouver. I lost myself in the sheer beauty of all that is around me. I cocked my head and gazed at all of the city lights and the patterns they would make. I watched as we flew over the bridge and the lights played off of the Columbia River. I thought about those that were around me at that precise moment, and how much each and every one of them meant to me. My brother, my best friend on earth. Daniel, who makes me laugh and makes my best friend so happy in their relationship. Andrea, who proved to me that roommates are not always bad things, and that I can find a perfect friendship with someone who is my complete and total opposite.

I realized that I was completely and inexorably perfectly happy in that precise moment in time. I was at peace with the world, and the world seemed at peace with me.

I get asked frequently why I left Phoenix, and if/when I will ever move back there.

Ironically, exactly two years to the DAY, I can tell you that I honestly have no desire to return.

Return to visit, certainly. But to live? I had cultivated my whole life there, my very own life, away from all family. I grew so much as an individual there, and will never regret making that move.

I left home, I had adventures, I did soul searching and experienced so much in the way of good, bad, and vicious. I went on vacations, traveled all over the united states to visit people, went to mexico. I had a social life where I would be out quite often.

But I didn't LIVE.

And although I hardly leave the house other than random jaunts and my trips to work, I can tell you that for the first time in my life, I am able to experience life in the emotional aspect that it should be experienced.

I am at peace.
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I've seen the meme running around yet again about replying with your name and I'll respond with what I adore about you. I had thought about doing it, but felt like I shouldn't, as it takes me forever to respond.

But then I decided TO do it for the same reason. You'll most likely get the response some day down the road when you're expecting it least. It's times like that that we sometimes need it most.

So, respond with your real first name, nickname, username, whatever, and I'll tell you how much I adore you and why..... eventually :)

now, to go dye my hair burgundy. Just as soon as Sliders is over.
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(no subject)

So I promised you all that I would tell the fantastic story about last night with the exercise ball.

We arrive to the apartment, and get a mini tour. In Daniel's bedroom, there was a big, blue exercise ball. Andrea asked what it was for or why he had it or something, I dunno, I walked in at the hind end of the conversation. All I hear is..

Daniel: I got it when I was going through physical therapy after my car accident.
Andrea: You got it when you got gonorrhea? I'm sorry, that's all I heard.
Daniel: Yes. The big blue ball helps gonorrhea TREMENDOUSLY.

Other quotes from the evening, and I'm sure you would have to be there for it to have been funny, but...

Jessie: *making pecan pie* I just sprinkle them on top, right?
Andrea: no, you mix them in, they float to the top.
Jessie: they... do? Are you sure?
Andrea: yes, because they're LESSSSS DENNNNSE!
Jessie: *pause* Are you calling me STUPID?

Andrea: Can I have a glass of *gestures wildly at cupboard* glass?
*everyone giggles*
Andrea: Yes. Full of just shards, thank you.

There were others that I can't think of atm, Jess just called from The Arnada and is coming to pick me up.... he PLANS on throwing me on stage, but I told him I wouldn't go... I've played my guitar maybe like a MONTH ago, and I'm not about to start practicing in front of a freaking FULL BAR. Mebbe next week.

Anyhoo. The prize moment of the evening last night... Andrea was dinking on the exercise ball and trying to figure out how to use it. She said "I need to pee!" I replied "good, get out of the way, let me show you how it's done..."

I promptly threw myself down onto the ball and walked forward until my legs were fully extended to it... attempted to do a push up... and my arms immediately turned to wet noodles. I fell face first on the floor and skidded forward on the carpet, my legs akimbo and flailing as I tried to get up. I finally gave up and lay face first on the carpet, laughing so hard that I practically choked on my tears as Andrea tried to remove the ball from under and between my legs - but it was stuck. So Andrea had to get OVER me, she just said, trying to get over me without peeing on me, she was laughing so hard.

And Jessie had his back turned for the whole thing, only to turn around and see me on the carpet, legs at crazy angles, and me crying.

I think I have a rug burn on my chin, and I pulled a muscle in my right arm.

Go me.