April 24th, 2005

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someone pointed me to a link to the new up and coming ep of Family Guy. Lessee if it works, unkay?

The theme song to "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" is freaking AWESOME. It gives me chills every time. Done by a band called Origa, apparantly. Hrm.

I so need to catch up on my anime. What is WRONG with me? never even seen the original Ghost in the Shell, nor Vampire Hunter D, nore the majority of everything else.

But I've seen almost every Sailor Moon episode, thankyouverymuch. And quite a bit of Hellsing, though I always seem to be doing something else whenever it's on.

That so makes me sound like a dweeb instead of an anime expert *snark*...

Surprised to come home and find everyone still on my friends list. Wow. Thank you.

I love you, too.

edit: I had been greatly worried, but Family Guy has still got it, yo. I was afraid I would wake up the roomies, I was giggling so hard.

Granted, I'm certain that sleepy giggly time helped some, but still.

oy. 11 hours until I need to be to work. Methinks I'll get some sleep.
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I posted this in a forum today for my EQ Guild... I figured I'd copy and paste it here for those of you that wonder what I do for a living...

I currently find my second home at OfficeMax, where I not only do the regular every day customer service thing, but I'm also Loss Prevention and more or less Honorary Bookkeeper: I'm the brainy girl that they sic onto anything that needs to be done on paper and handle everything from the cash office, i.e. daily deposits and reports and all other sorts of fantabulous stuff. I also have keys to everything, one of the only 2 people that are not managers to do so.

So, basically, I'm like a supervisor in many regards, I just don't have to deal with bitchy customers - those I still get to pawn off on real management. :D

up until june of last year, i also worked at Michael's Arts & Crafts, along with OfficeMax. Before moving back up to the pacific northwest from phoenix, I was a travel agent for almost 4 years, and prior to that, worked in a law firm and as an assistant manager for an apartment complex.

so why don't i have a 'real' job, you ask, with that resume? (people ask me that all the time...) upon moving up here, i realized, after almost 5 months of searching, that the job market here SUCKS in comparison to phoenix, so I could't even land an interview. Even temp agencies couldn't land me a job, it was so bad. After working retail, I realized that it's SO much more fun than a desk job, not to mention the facts that I don't have to decide what to wear every day (uniforms...), and there aren't those horrid interoffice politics like there are in desk jobs...