May 5th, 2005

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Oh, how I love Quantum Leap. I'm watching an episode where Sam leaps into the body of Dr. Ruth and has to give sex advice to everyone, and Dr. Ruth is now in the waiting room, telling Al that he needs to let a woman have a toy drawer and to experiment with any woman he's with.

I love Dr. Ruth.

and ooooh how I love delicious coffee.

speaking of, I was reminded of how it's always good to help people as much as you can in some circumstances, because you never know who they are. I worked with management to help this one lady out a LOT, though I can't remember what it was concerning. After the transaction was over, she revealed that she was in charge of opening a new Starbucks somewhere nearby, and that because we went out of our way, she was going to bring down all sorts of nifty coupons and stuff.

and i can always go for cheap coffee.

although, as I stated at the time, anytime something like that happens, it's always on my day off when the reward presents itself. Case in point, we had a Sharpie contest for selling the most Sharpies in the district. We won, and they showered us with TONS of food for the break room, including granola bars, several cases of soda, pop tarts, cookies, crackers, cereal, pizza pockets, chips, etc. The only reason I found out that we won was because I had come over on my way home from working at Michael's one day to get something out of my locker, and there it all was. I stuffed myself full o lunch, and naturally, when I came back to work a day or two later, all of it was gone.

Oy, do I need a haircut. I think it's finally long enough to where I can cut all the layers out and just have a short bob for awhile until it grows out again. but as silly as they may look, I'll sure miss having my ponytails until my hair is long enough again.

And on that note, this now ends my boring post.

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Today marks... *thinks* 4 years? I think it's 4 years.. that I went dancing in a random club in Prescott with Annette and Leesa... we all fell at least once that day, Annette on the treadmill at home before we left, Leesa down the short stairway to an adjoining club, and me out of .. well.. *cough* out of a dancer's cage.

If i wasn't lazy, i'd hunt down the pic of me dancing sarcastically in the cage shortly before I fell.

aaaaaaaaaah, here's the posts recounting that day. Wowee, I used to be a partier. I still very fondly remember that trip, if not the horrendous hangover I had the next day.