May 7th, 2005

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It's Aubwey Season! And I'm a Aubwey-huntin.... huhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh..

Apparantly, it's suddenly the... IN thing to do to pick up on me while at work.

I don't consider myself attractive, really. I don't consider myself Quasimodoesque, either, just kind of always... there. I'm the person that you would love to have as a friend, but in a relationship? I'm just not used to people that are not drunk asking me what my sign is, and often think of myself as quite... asexual. I haven't even had a crush on someone in egads... dunno how long.

but anyhoo. three times in the last two days, i've had people hit on me. all of them were very extremely awkward. two of them were WOMEN.

First was when I came into work yesterday, and went to the little girls room en route to the breakroom. A woman in there sized me up and smiled as we were washing hands. She read my name tag and introduced herself. She asked what kind of music I like, and have I ever heard of *insert random music genre i have not heard of*? Well, I have a very pretty name, she says, and maybe we can hang out sometime? She smiled as she tossed her paper towel out and left.

Second was today, a woman who was probably about 10 or 15 years my senior. Whenever I would respond to one of her questions, she would grin, glance at my breasts, and reply in a deeper, slightly sultry voice. I was busy helping someone else at the time, so I directed her where she needed to go. She asked, as she looked me up and down, if there may be .. .SOMEone.. that can help her with printers? I said "certainly. I need to get something from lock up for a customer, so either I can meet you over there in a few moments, or I can see if Igor is available...." She grinned and said "Okay, so I will meet.... YOU... over in the printers? mmmm, yes." I tried like mad to get Igor to go over there, as I felt more than a tad uncomfortable. He asked if he could help, she replied no, that she was waiting for me, and only I could help her. Made me feel good that she said she thought I was 18. (or maybe this should had disturbed me more?)

Third was a couple of odd men - probably mid 40's or 50's - that came in late this evening. I was nice and joking with them, did a special order to get them what they needed that we didn't have in the store, rang them up for everything else. In doing the order, he mentioned that he stopped smoking and almost never drinks anymore, and I replied that I quit eating sugar and rarely drink anymore. While they were leaving, they kept saying about how now that they know where I am, they need to come back occasionally to 'bug me' and 'give me a hard time'... leaving, they started saying something about sex under their breaths, giggling like hyenas and saying something about me and nonny.

So, although it was on the disturbing side, it was at least a slight boost to the ego. As I said, it's been awhile, it has. Actually, it's been so long that I think that when someone I find attractive hits on me, I almost think it's a joke. The older I get, the less I like pretty boys, I suppose.

Anyhoo. I'm rambling.

The End.

"You can call me Olo. .... HANS... Olo..."
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This is odd.

Okay, so my period is over and done with, the red river valley stopped flowing, aunt flo (yanno, the one with the red hair?) packed her bags and left with promises to visit me again in a few weeks.

so.... why have i NOW put on water weight gain? why am i bloated AFTER the fact? not to mention that i'm irrationally emotional. a random episode of Roswell had me on the verge of tears yesterday, and just now, i almost cried watching a freaking skid row video. and it wasn't even the REALLY sad one!

and now they're playing Poison's "unskinny bop". my, how i love vh1 classic. makes me want to pop in the ol' headbangers ball tapes. *wistful sigh* i HAVE really been wanting to dig up an old Southgang video so that I could giggle my arse off at Butch Walker.


seems so surreal. in order to see them live before, i had to travel to one of the coasts (washington d.c. in april of 99, l.a. in october of 99...) in order to see them, because they're allergic to arizona (or fear arrestation from an old dui of patrick's back on the smeared tour. sillies.)

makes me very happy to know that they liked my article for FlavAZ and are highly anticipating another article. Hopefully it just gets easier from here...
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i shudder with antici.....



.... pation.

Two hours from now, I'll be watching my most favoritest band on this whole wide world live.

If only certain little brothers would hurry and get ready!!!
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