May 14th, 2005

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not too late to take it btw! ask me AAAANYTHING!

talkingpotato - I should so bonk you on the head for even asking such a question! The answer is, of course, a freaking RESOUNDING yes. And don't THINK to hide from me!

rainofblue - naturally, my luv. And we would have one hell of a nonlesbian time :) hee hee hee.

anar_anar - wow, heh heh. Well, I've had all sorts of premarital, empty sex, with people of both sexes, though I've changed DRASTICALLY from the person that I was in my early 20's. I also, after having my heart broken, went through a phase then where I would string men along until they really liked me and then dumped them. I think that's the worst of the worst. Overall, I THINK I've led a pretty decent life.

doctorobnoxious - Yanno? I can't remember. It's been awhile since I slurped some. I don't remember much about the commercials, but I know that astronauts were involved, somehow.

greenminions - nope. I had the opportunity to once, but mom wouldn't let me, a freshman, go with a senior, so instead i went to a bday party and got so drunk that i was carried home where I filled my shoes with vomit. Other than my tiny circle of friends, I was very much a loner and never talked to anyone at school. (I was horribly horribly shy)

aintesduck - Because you put the thingie in the doohickey, causing it to reverse and circle around the thingamabob.

chrishaas - I thought I knew once, but now I don't know. Certainly someone that turns up only when I have a poll.

secretninja - soon, my pet. Soon. I so hate the phone, though.

baryon - hrm. I would say it would be a fudge sundae, but with melted x-lax as the fudge.

dolmadez - when I had it bright dark purple for halloween. I so wish I could have kept it. stupid work rules.

firthy - NUTELLA!

griffxx - no, i wouldn't. but if i COULD, my first thought would be george bush. but then i remembered all of the people in line behind him. nevermind.

Will answer more later. soooo freaking much to do today, and no motivation to do it. i wish i could just stay in my pajamas and watch all the eps of SG-1 I recorded this week, but, alas. I have an article to write, a party to get ready for, etc.

Love yous.

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so my articles are due by the 17th if i want to be published in the following month's magazine. Because I'm still hitting a creative wall, I've been going back and forth between an article talking about the concert and one doing a review of A Sides Win, seeing which one I can finish first, and which one I would feel more comfortable turning in to be published.

i'm sure it's just a SMALL technicality that in going to open both of them, the cd review i ... forgot to save, it seems.





oh, nevermind, I just found it.
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