May 15th, 2005

disco star

i'm too old for this...

oh my HELL, how can i STILL be freaking beyond wasted?!? i slept. LOTS!

NOTE TO SELF: Bacardi 151 is a harsh mistress.

had great fun at the party last night, apparantly games are a good thing because they had people interacting and having fun, i.e. taping a random noun on someone's back and you could only ask yes or no questions. jess was "shrimp", greg was "wagon", i was "hole", andrea was.. well.. "hot nuts".

why do i love shakira? random. came on my mp3 player and if i wasn't immensely dizzy and nauseated, i would dance. i would. promise!

hope that stanieldaniel had a great time. he's the freaking most difficult person on EARTH to plan a SURPRISE party for. the plan? pretend a small group of us was going to Boxxes, but we would really go to scaraharem's and surprise him. sounds simple, no? until i called him yesterday to mildly remind him we were going out and he said "oh yeah, i invited ALL of my coworkers."


so i caaaaaaaasually asked him "oh? that's cool, i'll bet you're excited to party with them..... say... about how many of these 'co workers' did you invite?" "oh, all of them that I could." (inside note: Daniel works at Target, which has a GIGANTIC FREAKING coworker base....) I said "ooh, that's cool. um, i need to... go...." called brosely immediately to inform him of my new inside info, at which point, panic ensued. so we decide to tell him, so that he can contact all his coworkers, but we say that jess is supposed to usher him out of his house, and then andrea and i will sneak in and decorate the place. while we do that, he must go hang out at cara's, but we'd really all be there with party favors and alcohol.

the new plan goes as uh... planned, though jess's roommate said that when he left, poor daniel was massively cleaning the whole house for his party.

came home at an undisclosed time (mainly because i have NO freaking idea if it was midnight thirty or four thirty) and crashed.

woke up at 730 this morning with MASSIVE pain in my left leg to where i could barely move it (slept on it wrong, mayhaps?), went potty, then lay back down, amazed that with as drunk as i was, that i still managed to set my alarm clock for work.

with as horrid as i felt/feel and with the massive random pain in my left leg, i almost called in sick, but i didn't. back in my party days, you see, no matter how horrid i felt the next day, i would ALWAYS go to work. i would never call in to work because of something that IIII willingly did to my body. and because of going in feeling pretty freaking horrid at times, i always got angry whenever people would call in when i would almost KNOW for a fact because it was for a hangover.

not that i always have the best work ethic otherwise. i have called in sick in the past to play everquest. i have called in sick because of taking on too many hours at work and being in massive pain. i have called in because i was too depressed to face the world. but that was long long ago.

i'm just amazed that i am still drunk, but not the good happy drunk, the horrid sobering up drunk where every nerve is tingly and i feel like i'm going to fall over.

hooray for having to work only one 7 hour shift and getting home around 7 pm, and having tomorrow off.
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