May 16th, 2005

disco star

because madmadhatter told me to

01. Total volume of music files on my computer?
22.35 GB

02. The last CD I bought was?
The same day: Jason Mraz - Waiting for My Rocket to Come, plus the following Sloan albums: Pretty Together, Navy Blues, Action Pact, Between the Bridges, and a gift of A Sides Win. Amazingly, due to lack of transportation and lack of anything interesting to invest in, I hadn't bought a cd since...*thinks* replacing my How Does Your Garden Grow? by Better Than Ezra and picking up Flickerstick's Welcoming Home the Astronauts the same evening. I think that was VERY shortly after I moved in with andrea.

03. Song playing right now:
Sweet Baby James by James Taylor

04. Five songs (or albums I shall add: Ray) I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order):
for massive emotional nostalgia reasons (i.e. listening to them during landmark times fo my life):
Bangles - Different Light
Fraidy Cat - 8 Lives Left
Gin Blossoms - New Miserable Experience
R.E.M. - Out of Time
Lillian Axe - Psychoschitzophrenia

05. Which 5 people are you passing this baton to, why?
everyone should fill this shit out. I agree with Ray.
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disco star

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lookie at the bridal side o things!

not the most flattering picture.

yes, i am in the pink, in the middle.

yes, our dresses will actually be lavendar.

yes, i feel much better now that they're chosen, so that i'm not stressed out about all these possibly hideous things that andrea would decide to toss me into.

gwyn says my problem with bridesmaids dresses is that i have "knockers". makes it sound like i use them to pound on people's doors when i arrive.

that would sure be a nifty trick. unfortunately, i don't know any boobie tricks.