May 17th, 2005


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*taken from, regarding the release of A Sides Win*

...the greatest hits will be new material for most music fans down south. "Our joke is that we'll, in the same year, win a Lifetime Acheivement Award in Canada and Best New Band at the Grammys."

I was telling andrea how freaking hyoooj they are in Canada, and how funny it is that we saw them in the tiniest venue ever, with probably only 100 people there, and so close that Chris almost smacked us in the face several times with his bass, crotch, and traditional high kicks. (seriously. stanieldaniel had to back up a couple of times because he is QUITE tall, and thusly MUCH more in Junk range than the rest of us...) I read an article from their website yesterday that their album, Twice Removed, has been listed once again as "The greatest album of all time" in Canada, and that 3 more of their albums made the top 50.

Canada is like an alternate universe, I tell ya.

I just wish that being this close to the border, it would be that much easier to get MuchMusic and some more freaking fantastic Canadian music down HERE.

Went to The Arnada last night, where I used to do all of my open mics when I first moved here, hadn't gone in a long time. Their open mic consisted of two guys trading off because no one else wanted to play. In listening to them... they weren't bad by any means. in fact, they blow my guitar playing abilities out of the freaking water. what seemed to annoy me after time was that they seemed to be singing everything in the same exact key, with the same exact note being MASSIVELY prominent in every song. they both had decent voices, don't get me wrong. but it was that high pitched nasally whine note that can either be portrayed as an emotional crescendo by one, and sound quite like a squashed duck in the wrong hands.

made me really really really want to start practicing again. maybe after work today. funny that instead of an internal desire to create and play music, the catty part of me wants to pick my guitar back up because "hell, IIII can do better!" silly inner competitiveness. i just really need to hook up with a fantastical guitar playing companion that can harmonize well, but will allow me to do most of the singing, and some back up strumming. or maybe percussion instruments. tee hee hee. i actually came across my claves the other day. Those were the only other 'instruments' i didn't get rid of other than my guitar and mandolin when i moved up here.

too bad my guitar playing sucks, even on a good day.

hee hee, i almost forgot last night that i had to work at 8 a.m. today.

disco star

they're coming to take you away, ha ha! now get out of my store!

apparantly, May 17th is Honorary Crazies Go Office Supply Shopping Day or something. holy HELL, we had some freaking weeeeirdos in there today, and extremely odd requests, such as:

- someone calling and wanting freezer tape (this goes on my list of ludicrous things to call a freaking office supply store for, instead of somewhere more...i dunno... LOGICAL, and then the customer getting irrationally upset about it, along with 2% milk and ziplock bags.)
- a woman that came in to return a $15 item that her husband bought, saying that she didn't give him permission, and she doesn't know WHY he thinks he can buy things for himself! What? he paid with CASH? She wonders where the hell he got cash. (she looked like she was ready to flip her lid - she was probably mid twenties, sort of cute, blonde..) He sure didn't have cash when she wanted Starbucks! She says she just needs to keep closer tabs on him!
- a couple that screamed at me and called me names because I informed them that we never carried Gateway computers and informed me they would never shop there again (they brought an ancient fan from it back to exchange, from a couple years ago, something we also don't sell.)
- several calls for software none of us have heard of that supposedly does magical things
- an old guy that SHRIEKED at me for talking too fast (same gentleman that came in and asked "do you have computer disks?" i blinked and replied "you mean, to record on?" "WHAT?!?" "as in.. a cd... to record things on?" "STOP TALKING SO FAST!" "*glaring but trying to be patient* are you...... looking for a disk..... to record.... things ... on?!?" "*glares* NO, to put my flipping computer on! you know, a computer disk!" "oooooh, ....... you mean.... computer DESK!" "well, you got any?!?" *i point to DIRECTLY next to us, less than 5 feet away, a gigantic carpeted area with tons of office furniture on it*)
- a woman that brought in a shredder that her sister had bought for mommy's day, and wanting the $65 refund credited to HER card instead of her sister's, who lives in California. Um, no, the system will not allow me to do that, but we can give in store credit. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, WHERE'S THE MANAGER?!? Rick came over and informed her of the same thing.


let's just LOGICALLY think about this for a second. If you had purchased something on your credit card, would you want someone - ANYONE - to be able to take a random receipt in and credit the amount to their card instead of getting your money back? if i purchased something biggish for someone else, i could sort of understand, but it's the whole security of the thing.

i know there was a ton of other really freaking odd requests and questions, but i can't for the life of me think of them at the moment. maybe i'll go take a nap.