May 23rd, 2005

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i called in sick today, cuz, well.. i AM sick. i'm sure they're all sorts of pissed, but hell. if calling at 7 am when i don't have to be in until 3pm doesn't give them enough advanced notice, well then i pick my nose in their general direction.

i want to find more pictures to post, because i had fun sharing the ones from over the weekend. if you only read livejournal during the week and not on weekends, you can find them here, aaaand here, aaaaand here! i'm still amazed at the wide variety of pictures i found in a random stack on my desk.

i need to clean my room.

speaking of CLEAN, i also need to launder my bedding today. i went to climb into bed last night and found a PRECIOUS gigantic pile of massively saliva-ey cat vomit on my cover sheet and comforter. well, at least Bacci threw up on TOP of the covers, i suppose. silly kitties and their gifts. maybe she leaves piles of vomit since she's an indoor cat and can't drop me an occasional bird? i hope there's nothing wrong with her. she doesn't act sick at all, but she throws up several times a day and now has liquid poo.
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