May 25th, 2005

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okay, question number one: who has been hiding the Doobie Brothers from me? They're FUN!

question number two: was thinking of coordinating a karaoke night on friday, as Coworker Pattie wishes to do something. Saaaay, Chronis in downtown vancouver? Would anyone be interested? Was thinking not a gigantonormous party type thing, just a few friends getting together?

lemme know. i wanna SIIIIIIIIIIIIING. i needs it.
disco star

Photo Montage #6

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**edit** maybe the picture of jess and i is actually from may 2003? i'm confuseded, because it looks like i actually have hair in that picture, which i certainly DIDN'T have last may, as evidenced by my birthday dance picture, where i had no hair and was blonde.


i'm just as confused as you, folks.