May 31st, 2005


Photo Montage #7

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andrea: i think i like you much better with straight hair.
aubrey: *nods*
andrea: i don't know if your mom did this, i think all mom's do. regarding perms, they tell you that..
together: they're great because they give you VOOOOLLLUME.

yesh. since i was 12, my mother would send me packing down to the hair school every few months with a crisp $20 bill because she said i needed volume. course, i could/should scan a picture of HER hair back in the 'less straight! needs thickness!' days. wow. that hair gave buckwheat a run for his money.

oh, and jess? i found those live Fraidy Cat pictures I was talking about.

and then a random meme...

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disco star

because i'm a posting monkey today

today is one of those days that is perfect cuddling weather: raining with just the slight bit of coldness.

played my guitar and sang until my fingers stung and my voice became scrapey. i did accomplish what i had wanted to: a slower acoustical version for me to sing of Ezra's "in the blood". a song that no one on earth seems to know what it is until they hear it, as.. well, they never even mention "blood" in the entire song:

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Kevin Griffin knows how to write 'em, says me. So much emotion in his music, for those that listen. now, just to play the song over and over and over, and make it MINE, to evolve it to fit ME, so that it sounds different, instead of something that i'm trying to play to match. i had thought about doing it to "King of New Orleans" instead, but it proved to be much more difficult than i alone can tackle.

i so want someone to play music with again.

i also seem to be evolving into someone that drinks insane amounts of water. i love it. i crave it. other than coffee and the occasional cup of tea, it seems like the only thing i ever want to drink anymore.

hrm. many more hours left in my day off. i hate going to work at times, but get so bored when i'm not there. funny how that works. maybe i'm just a boring person.

in the meantime, i spose i shall clean more of my desk and possibly move to the bedroom to try to do some organization there, too. i had just lumped all of the last boxes in there after bringing them home from mom's.