June 4th, 2005

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so, yes, due to requests from my mother and brosely, i am officially growing my hair out. i had finally gotten almost all of the unsightly layers cut out of it, so that i can just GROW the darn thing. granted, this has resulted in something very bowl cut like instead of something that was sort of cute and wispy from leftover layers from the random short, spiked blonde phase that i went through. (i do secretly miss being blonde, but egads, the upkeep is too horrendous. reminder: i'm lazay!)

aaaaaaaaaanyhoo. as my hair is in this... odd... length phase, i'm rapidly running out of things to do with it. i can't just wear it down, as my hair drives me absosmurfly bonkers when i do this, and i end up raking it back into whatever i can find (rubber band, random hair clip, chihuahua jaws, bubble gum) in order to prevent a massive anxiety attack resulting in a bad episode of me in the girls bathroom at work with a pair of scissors and a bunch of shaggy baldish spots.

my hair is entirely too short for a ponytail. (i did accomplish this once, which involved about 20 barrettes and bobby pins and a butt load of hairspray.) i HAD been wearing my hair in two little ponytails before my haircut, but for some reason, now that the layers are cut out of it, instead of looking quaint, the 'tails just jut straight out from the back of my head. no good.

so i've resorted into a compromise: i will put my hair in ponytails, but then only pull them halfway through at the end, resulting in little 'buns'.

as i said to coworkers and faetal yesterday, "i SO can't wait until my hair is long enough for these *points* to look more like buns instead of nipples."

yes. i have head nipples.

i just wish it was socially acceptable for everyone to be shaved. maybe after andrea's wedding ;)

it's also frustrating that i can't seem to remember my dreams lately, except that i know that the majority of the time, MATH is involved somewhere. WHYYYYYYYY? of all the freaking possible things on the freaking planet to dream about, why do i keep dreaming about ARITHMATIC?!? cheez. and mundane tasks at work. the only thing i can remember dreaming about last night that wasn't more of the same was that the Death Moogle was after me, but lucky for me, i had hung a cherub head over my front door, so the moogle couldn't come in. i just prayed he wouldn't think to go around to the BACK door. so i sat down with a piece of paper, a pen, and a calculator...

I'm writing "young and gifted" in my autobiography
i figured who would know, better than me?
i'm certainly the former, but i'm not so much the latter
something tells me it's the opposite i'd rather..

you can feel it in the air...

This is what I boughted last night:

Greatest Hits Front

Greatest Hits Front
Greatest Hits Back

Greatest Hits Back

I had gone into Wal*Mart looking for Before the Robots, but only found this, and it was only $11, so I it became MIIIIIINE. *insert heinous cackling about pretties for no good reason*

For those of you that have only heard "Good", or think that's the only song of theirs that you've heard, this cd would be a fantabulous listen: every single time I've drug a friend to an Ezra concert, so many of the songs will begin and they will turn to me in shock and say "i didn't know they sang THAT!" granted, there's some on here that they never officially released as singles, i.e. "Live Again" and "Under You", and then there's some that they did release as singles that didn't make it, i.e. "Like it Like That" and "Long Lost".

and YES, my babies! It has the non-live, mixed VOODOO version of "Porcelain", which just makes me want to run off into a corner and touch myself. whoo. *wipes brow* I guess calling it the "Voodoo Version" is a tad more PC than calling it the "Sex Yourself Version". but we all know they were thinkin' it.

Hardercore Ezra fans will also notice that it says that for "This Time of Year" that it's the french radio version. it's basically the more recent version of the song that they play live, complete with "bup!"s, and with a bit of "Get You In" mixed in the middle: "I sit and watch your flowers wilting in the kitchen... I felt like I was one of them gasping for air... I go from room to room hoping to find your presence... I play my music louder than you'd like me to." fanfreakingtastic.

there's also a James cover for "Laid" on there, too, that they said they would usually toss into the midst of "Rosalia" in live shows. I had totally forgotten this song existed. huh.

I also fervently wish that they would bring back more from their Surprise days besides just "Tremble" and the occasional "Winter Coats"... ESPECIALLY "Ezra Pound". that freaking song rocks. if i ever got in a band again, i would beg them to learn it so that we could rock that action live, yo. but no. *heavy sigh*

the liner notes, you ask? yes yes, i was getting to that part. The liner notes have each of the members making random notes regarding each song, i.e. Travis saying that he was friends with Ezra and he was bored waiting for soundcheck to start for his band down the street, so he swung by their practice and heard "King of New Orleans", which blew him away, and how odd it would be not even a year later to be actually recording that very song with them.

Anyhoo. Better Than Ezra? I'm in love. Still.

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so freaking bored, i've considered clawing an eye out, just for a change of scenery.

mom called, all sorts of depressed.

i'm hungry but unmotivated to make anything or to eat.

i've considered checking out this 'bathing' thing that seems to be all the rage these days.

stanieldaniel and i are sposed to go see star wars later. wanna come?

downloading random zim backgrounds. must learn to make one my lj layout background.

really desperately need to go through everything in my room.
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so i finally saw Revenge of the Sith, and was very pleased. it certainly made up for the last two, although anakin and padme's acting .... *violent shudder*


When Darth Vader puts his helmet on and helps him breathe, i can SORT of understand that the mechanism may make him have a different sounding voice. but is there something in there that makes him suddenly British?