June 7th, 2005

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Home Sweet Home, where you can scratch where it itches...

i find it funny, in a way, that although i spent age 13 to 19 in this area, and now that i've been here from 28 - 30, i still have only been to this gigantic gem once in my entire life, back when i was about 16 or so. i remember going with my friends at the time and how we swarmed over the new agey section and grabbed a ton of different spiritual and magick books, as that was what we were all interested in at the time. i also bought a robin hood tarot deck for my friend patrick, and he bought my cat people tarot for me (we had heard.. somewhere... that it's more efficient if someone gives your deck to you as a gift.)

i go by this place all the dang time during my various portland (p-town, yo) jaunts, but still have not gone in. and for being a used book store whore, you would think i would have built a hut out back for better ease of visiting the place.

i think i really really need to do more things in portland. i always feel so at home while i'm there, so much moreso than in vancouver. my SOUL feels at home in portland. i could never ever move there because of the crappy tax situation, but other than that, i believe i am HOME. i shall insert a mini rant about how i've lived all over the u.s. and have never felt nearly at home as i do in this area. my soul is home. and no, sillies, it's not because i had spent my teenage years SORT of in the area: we were about an hours drive north of here in a HORRIBLE town (Longview/Kelso - rumors have constantly flown around that the lead singer of Green Day used to live up there and wrote that song about that hideous place. i could never find any evidence of it. jeff pilson of dokken, yes. we had the same guitar teacher, afterall. i saw his high school yearbooks. funny stuff.) while living there, i almost never went to portland, as my family didn't drive at all. i got to go to a handful of concerts that i had to practically break my back to get to.

but i digress.

andrea has been saying that she wants to do more stuff after the whole wedding thing, which i think is a good amount of time to get my shiat in gear to be able to do such things, i.e. finances and all that crap. i would really like to start going to more live shows and having a bit more stuff to write up on about for FlavAZ than the boring monthly LP review i have been doing, one on an ancient cd, and the other two on greatest hits albums, for jimmy's sake.

so this fall? lookout portland, here i come!
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the funniest thing EVAR was watching the highly choreographed fight scenes in episode III, then coming home and popping in ep IV and seeing the difinitive fight between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader. it looks like they're both too old and arthritic to have a GOOD fight and that their light sabers weigh a hundred pounds. funny stuff, i tell you.

and i hadn't thought it would be so, but seeing ep iii and then watching ep iv, it helped me to see the '77 movie with a different mentality, almost through new eyes somehow.

and i still need to watch Empire Strikes Back.

okay. question for yous. i could make this into a poll, but then i wouldn't be able to see who says what.

"They" say ("They" being the Pulp Fiction writers of course) that you are either more of an Elvis person or more of a Beatles person. Which are you?

on the other hand, I say that you are either more of a Star Wars or a Star Trek person. Which are you?

what am i, you ask? i'm a Beatles/Wars type person, thankyouverymuch.