June 11th, 2005

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had fun with wallbrat yesterday, fantastic conversations we had!

for lack of anything better to post today, i ask you once again:

Okay. people have their weird .."things"... that they cannot handle. mine is people rubbing checkers together. that totally.. well, it almost hurts my teeth. my brother's thing is popsicle sticks. he almost gags whenever he sees people chewing on them, or sucking the last of the ice cream or whatnot off of them.

what's YOUR "thing"?

and why can i not hear out of my left ear today?
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disco star

the whole i spy with my little eye thing.... plus a few more i added

1. Something that is red: my stink-pretty from Victoria's Secret
2. Something that is shiny: MY DISPOSITION! k, fine. um.. a magic faerie wand my mother gave me
3. Something that is ugly: the meat stuck between my teeth
4. Something that is made of wood: my skull
5. Something that is sharp: MY WIT! there's some freshly sharpened pencils, too. cuz i use them all the NOT time.
6. Something that makes me smile: the little calendar that talkingpotato sent to me. oops, need to change the month! and my drum stick from Chris Murphy
7. Something pretty: faetal! or if you want something less stalker/creepyesque... erm... i gots nuthin.
8. Something you forgot about: the film from my going away party when i moved from PHOENIX, two years ago
9. Something covered in dust: my vagina my guitar
10. Something noisy: EVERYTHING. i have an earache, so even typing hurts it.
11. Something odd: a picture of Tak the Hideous New Girl?
12. Something expired: my coffee from this morning. Phew.

Anyhoo. I still can't hear out of my left ear, and it's become downright painful. Working today was a freaking CHORE. I can't hear some noises at ALL, like some voices, but others, even talking in a near-whisper, cause my ears to ring and my head to esplode. some noises would just SO stand out, like the low thrum of the constantly running air system thingie at work, or water running down the side of a building a few feet away. others, i wouldn't be able to hear at all, like a car practically running me over. when i got water in my ear during my shower, it was excrutiating.

i'm taking a decongestant before bed. let's hope that works.