June 15th, 2005

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i seemed to have miraculously slept my ass off last night, literally. i woke up this morning and put on my (only) pair of jeans, which had been tight around the waist even last week. whaaa? they're now baggy? eenterestink. so i go on my merry way, getting ready for the Adventure of Free Clinic Finding, putting my hair in its trademark (lately) ponytails and whatnot. as i held a mirror up so that i could make sure nothing weird was going on in the back of my head, i caught a glimpse of my ass.

ho ho, what do we have HERE?!? I took a moment to gaze amazedly at my newfound lack of ass. well, i take that back. because of my heritage (mommaliciousness), i shall always have Back, but... wow.

for those of you that DIDN'T know, or didn't remember, two halloweens ago, i weighed in at 240, which was a couple of months after i had been working two jobs. so i'm guessing i topped out at 250? that's my guess. i didn't have access to a scale, so i dunno for certain. anyhoot, after that, i sort of dropped 10 lbs and sort of.. hovered.. there for a year and a half, seesawing between 227 and 233.

this morning? 209. not bad. i so wish i could remember what i weighed when i left phoenix. something tells me it was right around there. at least, all

ha ha. never thought i would say proudly 'I WEIGH OOOONLY 209!' it would be nifty if i could fit into a 16 soon. either way, it's SUCH a freaking relief to not have my joints be aching after a single day of work, or my knees to creek as i go up the stairs. amazing what 20 lbs can do. not to mention that i have SO much more energy. sleep is SO miraculous these days.

and of course, now that i am having to leave to go somewhere, i'm feeling remarkedly MOTIVATED to do things HERE. if i could just get to this freaking itch on my calf that is JUST OUT OF REACH. that's what i get for buying these jeans at value village (savers to all you arizonan folk): they're beyond not hip, which means that they have a smaller bottom.. frick, what is that called? *slurps coffee* the tailored bottom.. thingie... beveled... whatever. what it MEANS is that i can't pull my pantsleg up to my knee to get at that horrid itch.

yay for pencils.

yay, also, for putting these jeans on and finding $21 in the pocket, two days before payday.

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you're finally acclimated when...

i keep thinking that i've become acclimated to the weather, when i'll suddenly freeze when it's 'only' 65 outside. i thought it was the same situation as i was sitting here in a tank top and shivering.

then i realized it was 45 degrees outside.


i so hope that this is a sign of what the rest of summer is going to be like. as much as i miss the feeling that my skin will erupt into flame at 112 degrees and all...

time to be all the things that you dreamed of...

i'm home, at the same time as i thought i would be, although i took a MASSIVE detour.

spent an eternity reading Entertainment Weekly in a room that was quiet, although there were several people there. until some hellions came in and started POUNDING on things. not to mention the waiting area has a whopping ONE toy to five THOUSAND children, resulting in plenty of arguments and screaming. eeeew, my poor ear. they should outfit the staff at places like that with tranquilizer dart guns, i'm telling ya. i was flipping the pages, when LO! i came across a GIGANTOS article on Manos: Hands of Fate. i must watch this again, it's been so long. it was fantastic reading the basis behind it and stories from each of the actors (except, of course, Torgo, R.I.P.) combined with lots of other things that i actually READ (I almost never actually READ magazines. generally, they collect dust until they're ripped apart to use with windex on mirrors.) maybe i'll actually subscribe and whatnot.

finally got called in, where i sat with who could very possibly be THEE oldest RN in existence. i thought III had problems staying on topic, hoo wee! *makes the crazy sign next to her ear* very nice lady, though. first thing she said to me was "aubrey. am i pronouncing that correctly? this way. remarkable name. how are you feeling? i have a nurse's luncheon today. do you work? what nationality are you?" because i actually had to fill out part of the questionaire with my heritage, i said "um...Irish and German." "really? the name is from both?" for some reason, she was quite confused as to how my first name could be both irish AND german, and was beyond awed that it was old french. (means "Leader of the Elves", in case I haven't told you 50000000 times.)

fast forward to a female doctor that would ask questions and then "hrm! Hrm!" after EVERYTHING i said, nodding her head to the point where i felt i could say "and then i sprouted monkeys out of my ear, which is why i think it's stuffy." and she wouldn't react otherwise. without asking, i also learned a LOT about a rash she has had for over a year. fascinating stuff, i tell ya.

she said that my eardrum was... inverted? curved in instead of out. apparantly, my sinuses hate me so much that they're playing tug o war with it, causing the lack of hearing and pain. she gave me a GIGANTIC bottle of anti... crap. brain fart. antipersperant? no. antidepressants? not this time. antioxidents? meh. ANTIBIOTICS. duh. those things that eat infection cooties. i also got a nice note saying that it was okay to be out of work the last two days, but alas, i must return tomorrow (i was SO hoping she would say 'saturday!' *sigh*)

coming home, i swung by the mall, as i've been playing final fantasy 8. those two facts are related, you see, because i discovered last night when i got to disc 2 that there is a GINORMOUS gouge in it, rendering it inoperable. so, to celebrate my newfound wealth, i bought a used copy (the rest, other than my bus fare, i had donated to the clinic.) i ALMOST spent the last of my paycheck on Summoner and Dark Cloud, so i could get a 4th game free, but logic hit faster than i could slap my money down on the counter. plus, there wasn't a 4th game there that i really wanted, anyway.


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