June 18th, 2005

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omgzorz! a myspace!

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for those of you that wish to know where you were last time i posted it...clicky here and stuff.

thanks to my dearest belenen for the new Tad Williams icon :D i heart you! 16 icons down, 84 to go.

today is Pride down at the waterfront, and i hear tell that brosely and i are going. i'm hoping to get enough info to do an okay write up for the July issue of FlavAZ, but we'll see. i think a lot of it will depend upon when my dear brother finally drags himself out of bed. and i'm QUITE excited to use my new camera, boy howdee!

oops. forgot to mail my fathers day card.

yesterday at work was much more fun. coworkers definitely help with this. also, the fact that the demon customers apparantly decided to stay at home. add to this the fact that it was the first day that i felt HUMAN again after being sick, so i had a TON of energy, and was in the most incredible mood EVAR. Julia came back for the summer again. The bosses were in good moods although they were being stuck with double shifts. i ended the evening with going to Shari's with faetal and eating a colossal burger (no bun.. hamburger... ham... 2 types of cheese... an egg... tomato... pickle... YUM... side salad instead of fries... mmm lettuce!)

and again, for those of you that didn't catch the post last night, gimme three things you want me to take a picture of for you, and i shall do so (cept naughty bits!)...
disco star

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in remembering the fun had at slumber parties in days of yore, i wonder... why don't we have those any more as adults? it's just silly.

then a thought came across my mind to try to coordinate an Official LiveJournal Slumber Party, where we set a date far enough in the future for people to plan accordingly, we all have slumber parties at someone's house, post during and take pictures of? a community could be made.


anyone with me on this? i so want a slumber party. course, cleaning would need to be done.