June 19th, 2005


craving recommendations!!!!

it's been a few months since i did this, so go here and post recommendations you have for me! and if your personal recommendations have changed or if you can think of anything else you want me to check out, feel free to add!

went to bed early last night and was excited about the prospect of waking up nice and early in response, so that i would have the WHOLE day ahead of me. alas, i slept 11 freaking hours and my morning is gone.

but that's okay. that's what days off are for.

also looking for recommendations of other lj'ers that you feel i would get along with that is not currently on my friends list, kthx.

mmm. coffee.
disco star

SPARE time, wha?

silly capslock.

officially spent the $50 that my daddy gave me for my birthday today. (at least, that was the excuse i gave myself just now..) hit Electronics Boutique and picked up Dark Cloud, Summoner, Summoner 2, and The Bouncer for like $25, and then to Game Spot for Final Fantasy XI. it took AAALLL DAAAY just to patch the play online viewer thingiemabob, and now it's searching for files to update and download for both the main game and the expansion it came with. i'm sure that will take the remainder of the night.


the most AMAZING storm came in this evening. i was sitting downstairs, lost in the world of Dark Cloud (must... repair.. weapons.. STAT.) when andrea comes racing down the stairs to holler "OH MY GAW, IT'S PURE EVIL OUTSIDE!" as she pointed in panic. i look at the window. it seems the air has turned an odd... greenish orange suddenly. we both jet outside the front door and stare up at the sky. we wonder if there's a tornado or something else major going on. this fear is NOT helped by seeing a TON of our neighbors running as FAST as they can up the driveway to clambor into their homes and slam the doors. i come back inside and nervously turn regular tv on. no warnings or anything, hrm.

after awhile, her and joel went on a walk, while i went back to playing my game and playing fetch with the cat.

a few moments later, andrea calls from joel's cell phone, freaking out about the sky. i grab my camera and run outside. all the neighbors in my apartment complex are outside for the most part, and the moment that they see me with a camera, they all start shouting at me, gesturing madly for me to stand in this spot - no that spot - wait, check out back here! i took enough pictures to completely deplete my battery supply once again (it had been virtually full when i had started.) i need to go through them now and see if any of them really turned out.

if so, i'll be happy to share ;)