June 20th, 2005

disco star

(no subject)

grr, afterdownloading FFXI all night long, i came downstairs and saw that it encountered an error. again.

maybe Fate is trying to tell me that i definitely should wait for Coworker Kyle to get me a world pass. meh. *said like Veruca Salt* but i want it NOOOOOW. granted, i would only be able to play a teeny bit before going to work anyway, but STILL.


if kyle doesn't work today, i'm SO playing tonight.

oh, and meme's that i still want your input on:

- 3 things you want me to take pictures of (no boobilage or vagina or other naughty bits)
- 5 bands, songs, books, movies, etc. that you recommend to me.
- anyone fantastic that you think i should meet.