July 4th, 2005


look what the rookie did...

had more people over last night getting drunker than we had planned... in attendance:

aubkabob (surprise!)
aaaaaaand Charlie. does she have a joi-nal?

okay, maybe not that many people then. but when they are all crammed into literally one half of our little living room...

only had two VERY week drinks and a shot of tequila, but was QUITE drunk. spent the majority of the evening parked on the rocker playing game cube vs. joel and jessie. can't remember the name of the game, though.. it's filled with tons of 3 second games within it? i wasn't a pro by any means, but i held my own, damnit!

woke up at six freaking am with an allergy attack from Hades. due to our loft that connects andrea's bedroom to the living room, i hope my incessant sneezing and typing isn't keeping them awake. when i woke up this morning, i automatically wanted to clean, too, but i KNOW the clanging of beer bottles will certainly be a bit too much.

tonight? apparantly going to andrea's mom's house for a bbq, and then heading to the fort (Fort Vancouver for you non locals) for festivities. anyone in the area? we're meeting at the beer tent around 7.


contemplating wearing the same thing i did last night because i had many compliments on it (read: two)
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yes. beer tent. 7 pm. see you there.

and in case anyone wondered...

seeing someone run FULL force into a screen door because they didn't realize it was shut IS as funny as you would think.

brosely went to answer the door in a rush and sort of forgot that we had shut it. bounced right off.

and he hadn't even been drinking yet.