July 6th, 2005

disco star

revelations in music television

some thoughts while watching vh1 this morning instead of listening to my own music:

- i keep seeing the name Gavin DeGraw floating around everywhere but for some reason think "country!" (der. tim mcgraw.) i saw/heard him for the first time. not bad. a little cutie.

- r kelly is still around?

- in switching it to mtv, i suddenly feel very dirty as i see a band, i think "helloooooo, nurse!" and then i see them closer up and they look like they're 16. i need to go bathe now.

- every time i see the commercial for Celebrity Fit Club 2, i keep thinking i'm hearing Sloan's "If it Feels Good, Do It" in the background, but i don't think that could be.

- i still have hair metal mentality...i see a video for Lifehouse start and i think "wow, they're still around? *singing* finally found a looooove of a lifetiiiiime...."

- rob thomas' solo stuff isn't nearly as hideous as i had thought it would be for some reason. and you've gotsta love videos where the rawk stah is running to/from something, a la goo goo dolls' "dizzy".

- are bands getting younger and younger, or am i really aging that quickly?

- yes, yes, i know that foo fighters are coming out with a new album. yes, yes, it will be magical. but do you HAVE to play their video twice within an hour and a half? sheesh.

- i still cannot STAND gwen stefani. sorry to those that adore her. i just... can't.

- yay for new mraz!

my hair turned out WAAAAAAAAAAY darker than i thought. i think that with my tan skin, i almost look mexican. ha. due to some... dripping during my hair dying experience, i shall wear makeup. i just hope that it's not so pale compared to my skin now that i look like a mime. thank goodness it'll eventually fade to that fancraptastic copper orange after awhile.

so don't wanna go to work. after 4 days off, i hope i can even find my uniform.
disco star

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gah. i took some quick pictures of the new haircolor to post, but lj is being a butt when it comes to uploading them, so i don't think i'll have time *looks anxiously at clock* dumb time... thing.

i always get excited whenever people visit me at work, even if we're too busy to talk properly. it's like a ray of sunshine in my day, really. i love running into people i know. so if you're in the area and might need ANYTHING from officemax.. ;) i'm hoping that we're not slammed quite yet for back to school. give it a week or two, i'm sure.

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sorry that some are sideways, i didn't have time/patience yet to flip them. maybe after work.