July 9th, 2005

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why is there BACON IN THE SOAP?!? (i made it myself...)


a good day.

i hadn't thought it would be, really, especially when i flung open the front door for my 30 minute walk to work to see it pouring rain. meh. maybe i should put on a coat?

so i put on my hoody (yes, yes, jess, i know it's YOUR hoody. possession is 9/10 of the law, no? but anyhoo.) and set off to work. my mp3 player tossed on some Sloan-age, which put me in a better mood.

as i hit the street, i felt like.. well.. there's just something about the hoody lately that is magic: whenever i have the opportunity to wear it zipped up completely, i want to RUN. (due to summer being here and all, it's rare that this happens anymore.) so i started jogging. i ran until i could run no more (which wasn't very far. *le sigh*) and then walked briskly to andresen, the massively busy street i walk down that has no sidewalk, only a shoulder on the side of the road.

and i began to run again. as i was running, i was filled with elation: i had forgotten how fun it was to just RUN.. not for exercise, not for being made to in gym class, but JUST BECAUSE. so i smiled. i then saw all the cars driving past me on the busy street, and wondered what they would think of seeing an overweight girl running with a smile on her face. so i grinned from ear to ear. i began laughing open mouthed as i thought of the cars going past, and commenting "wow, that's the happiest jogger i think i've ever seen!" all the while, it was pouring down on my head, dripping off of my hood and soaking ONLY the front of my pants.

when i got about 3/4 of the way to work and was waiting for a stoplight, i saw andrea and her mother turn the corner and wave at me as they pulled into the parking lot of the Shell station to pick me up. at the same time i began to walk over to the car, Coworker Cathy pulls into the same parking lot, honking, waving, and calling my name.

apparantly, andrea was sitting here when it started DUMPING rain. in a panic, she got up and ran to her car to find me. i felt loved. at the same exact time, Coworker Muriel saw it dumping and said over the radio "um... aubrey isn't walking to work at the moment... is she?" they all frantically ran to a schedual to check. when it turned out i WAS en route, Supervisor Roxana said "QUICK! SOMEONE FIND HER!!!" and sent Cathy on her way. i felt loved.

wow. for starting a day where i felt glum and a bit unwanted, suddenly, i felt extremely special and loved. i didn't mind walking in the rain at all (having put my contacts in), but EVERYONE was concerned for my safety.

apparantly, during my run, my lip had cracked and was bleeding, so between that and the fact that only the FRONT of me was SOPPING wet, i looked like i had fell on my face. Coworker Chase pointed and laughed at me.

later on, as i was filling ink, and after making tentative plans with Coworker Jessalyn, i had a revelation: I ... wow. i LIKE my life. I am happy with where i'm currently at. I work with amazing people, where only one person in the entire building makes me want to chuck rocks at. (and he doesn't mean to.) i have amazing friends, although my friend base is smaller than it had been in phoenix, they're much more quality (you phoenician friends never fear: i love you dearly, but we just didn't have the -closeness- that i do with my friends here). sure, my mother's declining health and mentality is cause for great worry, as well as dealing with poor judgement i made in the past rearing its ugly head (read: jeep.), but overall?

i don't think i could have asked for a better life.

and thank you all for being a part of it.
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ooh ooh ooh! here's another old poll that i DESPERATELY want your answers for!

dealing with bad actors/actresses/movies.

for an example of differences between friends here and there, check out this post. there, i was practically bedridden with no contact abilities to the outside world, and i had practically no visitors, even from my supposed boyfriend at the time.

here, everyone drops EVERYTHING because they think i might get a little soggy.

*hugs the world*
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and in case you're wondering why i'm reposting all of these things, i fell in love with the whole tagging system, so i've been casually going back through and changing tags.

wow, my journal used to be MUCH more interesting than it is now. for that? i apologize.

so if you get a bunch of random responses from 2002, you know why.