July 10th, 2005

disco star

here's a little clue if you please..

aaaah, the joys of working all day on sunday. i HAD planned on being Super Associate and going in early to do all the silly mandatory testing that needs to be done by the 15th, but... *looks at clock sheepishly* eeermyeah. they'll have to settle for me just being on time for once.

yesterday was fun, though i couldn't for the LIFE of me freeping wake up. dearest wallbrat came down and bought me lunch, and brosely and stanieldaniel came in to give me love. (that's what i tell myself, but really, it was just for my boxes.) Coworker Pattie came over and sat and chatted and giggled and gaffawed with faetal and i until about 2 am. i love it when people are over and it doesn't FEEL that late, really, instead of constantly looking at your watch and thinking "eesh. um... it's 3 hours past my bedtime... how do i HINT?!?" we shared farting stories which made us cry with laughter. i did my igor impression, and i thought that pattie would pee herself, or that i should stop before she went into convulsions. we learned about the army. andrea finally had someone her age to talk about weddings with that had been through the whole rigamarole recently.

i'm surprised that i've been as social as i have been lately, as i'm generally a recluse homebody. anyone else want a piece of me before it passes? heh? herm???

odd dreams involving... well there was tons of driving and directing involved, i directed someone to drive through a parking lot (it was quite complex) and then when we were out on the road, i ended up having my own vehicle (motorcycle?) to drive, and i realized that i had been in control of the driving force in my life all along.

Watched the "Lice" episode this morning, just for Gretchen:

"um... hey?"
"exscush me?"
"why am i here?"
"why are you telling me this?"
"i don't even want to be here!"
"this place smells. *grin* can i have a soda?"
"she does this? she just keeps talking...."
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