July 11th, 2005

plucky idea

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as i was rummaging around in stuff in my room and buried under various random objects and papers, i came across something that made me drop everything STAT and come down and make a livejournal post STRAIGHT AWAY!

for those of you that were at the famed lj drinkup, the very first one in portland...

... i found my autograph book.

in my drunken haze, i passed around a little keychain book and had everyone autograph it...

this is how it plays out as you read it:

WAHOO! - Allison
When was the last time you said 'wahoo'? Sigh. - Tom (oatmeal)
Best Wishes - T and T
rock! - amboy00 Chris
I *heart* men! - phallicmephisto
Grasshopper always wrong in argument with chicken. - Rev. Peaches F. Blackstone
I totally have a crush on you. Drinking is great. *unsigned*
*random drunken scrawl over the crush notation that looks like it reads "WM Zook" over and over*
To a fellow Phoenician God love the northwest! - Cindy
Let's make out - onionsniper aka drunk canuck
KanDoNEThing - It's not just a name, it's an ATTITUDE!
12 September 2003 ednoled aka De'Honde Bell says. "Yo!" (hard to read.)
tefen doesn't do autographs. No way, no how. tefen
*weird initials looking scrawl*
*drawing of Tefen by Tefen*
*drawing of bald guy by frobear*
Aubrey is a Sexy Bitch - frobear/donaesthesaint
Nice to meet you - you're beautiful! - Sage :)
I LOVE YOU DRUNK! - pixie_girl aka Courtney Dawn *in GIANT smooshed letters*
I never liked you. - Jenny d3d

it makes me think that we should SO have another drinkup. i mean, hell. it's been a year and a half? at least, for any that i've heard of. i remember us leaving all happy and huggy and solemnly droolingly swearing to meet the first thursday of every month thereafter. i think i remember there being one scheduled for the following month, but due to... situations... almost no one that i know RL before the first one ended up even wanting to go to the second one.

anyone game?
disco star

one thing i know about the rest of my life...

the more i dig into my belongings, the more things i find that i had forgotten i had.
the more things that i find that i had forgotten i had, the more that i end up wearing.

i'm sitting here with a silly choker on, as well as a crystal beaded necklace that i wore a LOT back in my job corps days. i'm wearing the 'corsage' that andrea made me to go along with the garish dumb old lady bridesmaid's dress that we wore to raygunzero's party. i am wearing a Livestrong bracelet that a coworker, Julia, brought for me last summer. i'm wearing my hippy brown skirt. i'm wearing some shell earrings i found.

the closet is cleaned.. however... i found a ton of boxes that i REALLY SUDDENLY want to go through that i should PROBABLY just stuff back in there to make room for all the OTHER stuff that is now all over my floor. in order to walk from my closet to my door, i have to:

- hike up my skirt to knee height or above
- take a LAAAAAARGE step to the right, hoping that my bare foot doesn't land on anything hard, slippery, or sharp
- take another LAAAAAAAARGE step to the front, stepping on my mattress and clothes freshly put on hangers
- take yet another LAAAAAAARGE step to the left
- take one more gigantic step out the door.

my closet door is... MAAAAYBE four feet from my bedroom door.

yesh. i have lots of work to do before jess comes over to move some stuff into my closet. certainly doesn't help that it seems to have increased by 50 degrees in there in the last half hour.

so after mountain climbing clamboring out of my room and trudging downstairs with my water bottle in hopes for some ice, my dearest roommate hands me a mug of ROCKIN cappuccino. this will DEFinitely help.

back to work now.
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