July 13th, 2005

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why is it almost 1 pm and i'm STILL sitting here in front of my desk and insisting i need to be MORE caffeinated before i can do anything? mlergy.

oh, something funny.

i get a call from the roommate yesterday at work:

aubrey: "this is aubrey, how can i help you?"
andrea: "um... would you... look at your shoes?"
aubrey: *looks at shoes in silence*
andrea: "um... do they both look the same size?"
aubrey: "...............um.. woops."
andrea: "iiiiiii'm going to call work and let them know i'm going to be a couple of minutes late and bring you your shoe since your shoe you left here won't fit ME."

before working at officemax, i never experienced accidentally wearing two different shoes to work, but this is the second time in the last.... six months? i mean, granted, this time, they're identical shoes, if not two different sizes, whereas the last time, one had a LIFT to it, and i didn't realize until 25 min into my half hour walk to work. *remembers a day that she also accidentally wore her roommate's fiancee's belt to work instead of her own...*

maybe it's true that memory is the first thing to go in old age. sheesh.

i'm also ROCKIN this feeling of being hungover today since i haven't had a thing to drink in like.... a DAY. okay, i lie. it was really since last thursday, i believe.

ooh, and another question... i wish to begin The Quest to Get My Mood Theme Working again.. who would you suggest to host it? i've tried a ton of places, and none of them seem to work.
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