July 14th, 2005


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since there are so many new wonderful people on my friends list, i figured that i would do this once again:

Poll #532353 ask meeee! i know you wanna know...

ask me anything. ANYTHANG! questions will be kept silent. answers will not. GO!

tell me anything. ANYTHING! responses are kept secret also!

bacci tongue

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out of boredom, i shall start to answer some of the questions asked to me so far:

wendywoowho - intentional: the inumerable amount of times that i've been en route to a costume party NOT around halloween or new years and forgot to pick up the beer until AFTER i was in my costume. i just love going into grocery stores in say... may... dressed up as a witch... as Gaz... as *insert costume idea here* unintentional: probably the time that i ripped my pants from crotch to almost ankle at work after just starting to work at officemax - i didn't have money to get new pants so i had to ride the bus and walk quite a distance home with my milky bluewhite thigh flapping in the wind.

luvkitten - so much, it hurts.

doctorobnoxious - about 2.5, unless it rains.

___vanity_kills - yes. one cat, Little Bitchy Baby Bacci Arabella Butterfly Moon Kitten Spaghetti Chewbacca Labor Day. but we just call her Bacci (pronounced botch-ee), which is italian for 'kisses'. she likes to kiss us.... with her teeth. little pissy calico kitty seen in the icon i will use for this post.

justbackdated - absolutely. i used to live in phoenix, about a 5 hour drive from there, so i spent some friend's 21st birthday celebrations there, and went back briefly later on. the second visit, i had still never been on a 'real' rollercoaster, so after several long island ice teas, i hopped on the one at new york new york... no one else would go with me. boooooy, that was a long ride home (we left right after for the 5 hour drive... in a car... with me.... drunk and shaken, not stirred..)


for responses on statements:

wendywoowho - i'm saying a little Spyce Prayer for ya, hun!

luvkitten - oh, sweetheart, me, too. meeeee, toooo. this only comes out when i'm drinking heavily, though.

doctorobnoxious - well... if you INSIST....

___vanity_kills - you certainly have your hands full! i just have one of those...

justbackdated - oh, sweetheart, me, too. i'm all for independence and stuff, but sheesh.


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