July 15th, 2005

disco star

sugar and bed highs, and the ever procrastinatory standpoint

i know i've said this many times, but let me remind you: i always become TICKLED PINK whenever someone comes to visit me at work, especially during times like these where we get our final lull in business before back to school hits us with a steel bat. (we usually do 18K in a day on a SLOW day, generally up to 22K on average a day.. we didn't even break 14K yesterday...) so i squeed with delight when i saw brosely and stanieldaniel coming up (oddly, i had picked up the phone at that very second to call them.)

due to all the stress of everything going on around me yesterday, i had an ice cream cone and a cookie at lunch. it has been a VERY long time since i had sugar, so by the time i got back to work, i was a twittering crack addicted mindless idiot. if i had any doubt that i was on one hell of a sugar high, it was completely banished as i was paying a coworker for a water, and...

adam: a dollar sixteen.
aubrey: okay, here.
aubrey: WAIT! i've got a penny, I've got a Penny, I'vegotapennyi'vegotapennyI'VEGOTAPENNYI'VEGOTAPENNY!!!!! *taptaptaptaptaptaptaptap* HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! LISTEN TO MEEE! HEE HEE HEEEEE.

yeeah. we'll stay off the sugah, unkay?

speaking of procrastination (.... *blink, blink* ....i was in my head), i need to toss an article or two together for that freeping magazine, it's due by sunday. due to time constraints, i had thought about doing something .. a retro replay like i had with r.e.m., but with the bangles, and then if i'm feeling REALLY creative, doing a write up on Portland Pride like i had planned to do when i had gone, collected 283472394 things and took 2983472398 pictures. unfortunately, i was too shy to ask strangers to pose for me, so i would just have closeups of my friends ;)

stupid having to working.

oh and i now have a bed, an ACTUAL BED. granted, it's on loan until jess finds a concrete place to live, but still. last night found me... well, i had been sleeping on a full size futon mattress, you see, and for some reason, jess and daniel thought it would be a super idea to sammich the futon mattress between the boxspring mattress and the top one. they did this with my bedding STILL ON THE FUTON. *smacks forehead* not to mention the top mattress kept wanting to slide right off the futon, as well as it sat at an alarming angle. eeeerrm, no.

so 1230 am last night found me in my socks, bra, and underwear with a shot of Hornitos in me (i am a goddess.), dragging a top full mattress off of my bed and inching around, trying like mad to get the futon mattress off of the boxspring and the regular mattress back on top, so that i could finegle the futon mattress (HEAVY and LIMP.) onto the top. let me also inform you that my bedroom is TINY, so space was QUITE limited. every time i heard one of the roommies moving around outside of the door, i would freeze and hold my breath, as if they would hear me and come knocking, and there i would be, half nekkid and sveaty and out of breath.

with this accomplished, i made my bed, turned out the light, and by the light of the television, clambored onto my new bed. (climbing is involved, you see, because it's really TALL.) after sleeping virtually on the floor for 2 1/2 years, i kept feeling as if i was going to fall off of the thing, or that it would break, because it was MOVING. after getting to the middle of my bed and flopping down, i suddenly felt like i was a 4 year old girl, sleeping on a cloud. (granted, a cloud that would break at any moment, but a cloud nevertheless..)

poll answers, take 2

and more responses to yesterday's poll:

deadmans_diner - Nineveh, of course. if it still existed!

childishdreams - oh, heck, yeah, though i sort of feel like i did by moving back up here from phoenix. i have virtually no bills. my cost of living went from like $1300 or more a month down to $300 (not including groceries.).. i quit working 'a career' and now work 'retail'. i think that's pretty close.

ainabarad - clowns TERRIFY ME. my Top Five List of Irrational Fears: 1. Clowns. 2. Claymation. 3. Dolls (ESPECIALLY ventriloquist dummies. howeveryouspellit.) 4. Monkeys. 5. Michael Jackson. i would say that spiders is #6, really, though i'm trying to overcome my massive throwuppy fear of them. the dark? not so much, unless there's a VERY good possibility that there's spiders in that thar dark.

scrumbles - WOULD i! i had been hoping to collaborrate on.. something!

luxperpetua - oh heck, yes. as much as i love my mother to death, and i feel HORRIBLE saying this, i don't think i would like her as a person if i wasn't her daughter. but i do love her very deeply. though that wasn't really what you asked, was it? overall, no, i don't think i do. it's hard to annoy me, so i get along with just about anyone.

njsharkman - i've always loved the 'gem tones', i suppose... dark stark red, dark yellow... forest green. with white trim. *slurps* i used to have a fantasy that when i grew up and got rich and bought a big honkin house that i would decorate each room in a different style, i.e. one in japanese styles, one in southwestern, one in egyptian...

kabandara - very good, actually. though everything isn't going pristinely (i SO can't wait for the next 30 days to be over), i'm actually in a very good place right now. it's been so very long (if ever!) since i could say that. i had always thought that busting my ass to make the bucks, have the stuff, do the things was what i wanted in life, but it really isn't. thank you for making me smile with this question, luv :)

oatmeal - next saturday, 836 p.m., EST.

yoko - my family, sometimes. i would never deny them anything, for the most part (though i may be sullen while doing it.) but they're my greatest sense of strength, too. other than that? probably my procrastination. egads, that's gotten me into trouble SO many times.

bethjovi - i love performing music with others, and with a goal in mind. something i haven't done in entirely too long. sitting by myself and strumming a guitar, while mentally theraputic, isn't as musically challenging and rewarding. other than that? reading (though i do so little of it anymore), music... onlineness... yeah, i'm boring. ooh AND ROAD TRIPS. something else i haven't done in forever.

dogmeat - eep like a monkey and fling your doo.

firthy - i got VERY close to once, so close that i had a bunch of my belongings packed. i think i was 15? what stopped me was a 9 year old brosely running in and sobbing and begging me not to leave him. for awhile, my best friend and i seriously entertained the thought of running away and trying to make our lives up in seattle.

foulpost - nope. been pulled over 3 times, though: one for doing 93 in a 65, one for drinking and driving, and one for VERY expired tags.

imnotbob - 1. because if it was green, we wouldn't know where to stop mowing. 2. because you're a freaky giant.

wickedcricket - this is a hard one. i think one is just as bad as the other, really, because that means that they aren't completely emotionally tied into their main relationship. both suck.
disco star


by oatmeal's suggestion, I guess I will turn aubreystar into a place to put creative related dribble, including articles for FlavAZ and other such things. Add if you like. I shall be posting the article I did today on The Bangles that I'm submitting for next month's issue shortly, as well as posting all of the old ones that i've done for my personal future reference.

I was bored earlier and took pictures of my waistline to post, as I'm having a Good Waist Day. Although I've only dropped 20 lbs in the last few months, the majority of the inches lost have been in my waist (from just under 40 inches to 33), which has thankfully made me nice and curvy. It's really hard to take pictures of your own waist, as I discovered to my utter disappointment. my computer is being El Buttheadio, today, though, so every time I try to cut and copy the pictures, it shuts down.


maybe i'll have something for you soon, too. as well as some icons of ME, as a few people said that they're saddened by so very few of my face. heh. this amuses me. why look at MEEEE, when you can look at pretty Tak?

I've got a brand new pair of rollerskates,
You've got a brand new key...