July 16th, 2005

bacci computer

i'm sensing a theme here....

so as i finished up recording Sci Fi Friday for bikko should he want it (and me so i can watch it later like the dork i am), i turned off the lights and television and went to go upstairs to my giant cloud bed. i turn around and take a step.. and searing pain flashes as i feel something pop through my skin in the sensitive area between my middle toes. i reach down, cursing under my breath, to find the offending... thing. nothing in my foot. i feel around on the carpet and i find a straight pin who's head had been entangled into the carpet so that it stuck straight up. mrr? i don't remember any one playing with straight pins anytime recently - my bridesmaids dress still DESPERATELY needs hemmed (unless i wear 4" plats to the wedding. ha.), but we haven't worked on that yet. how could i have missed it, sitting right next to my desk chair, where i walk every day? it's beyond me.

so i go to bed, where i dream of someone that i haven't seen in a LONG time that i had a mini crush on became my manager. he worked his hiney off, would never delegate anything to me or anyone else, and whenever i would try to take initiative on something (something i'm constantly doing RL), he would take over because i wasn't fast enough. i was worried that he would wear himself out, but the whole thing began to annoy me. (was neat because in my dream, OfficeMax was outside in a garden filled with weird nostalgic things... old yellowed curtains hanging off of a tree branch.. dolls set up next to a wagon by a bush... after waking up and replying to a post in asillittle's journal, i think it may have symbolized mostly that although i'm confident in my abilities and who i am, i would never add up to what he needs or wants to be an integral part of his life.

anyhoo, so i wake up and come downstairs. Bacci is being oddly... clingy... for once, so as a friend, i pick up her ball and throw it. she barrels around the corner to fetch it. unfortunately, i'm standing perfectly at the turn in the road, so she reaches my foot... and pushes off with her hindleg with all her might. i swear, i could almost HEAR the skin rip. (i know i certainly felt it.) i scream (not at her, it wasn't HER fault. i'm the dummy.) and go into the kitchen to stubbornly finish making my coffee. coming back into the living room, i showed andrea the blood pooling on the top of my foot, then grumble some more as i go to sit down.

which is when i walk past the scratching post and slam my pinky toe into the corner.

i almost cried. i had tears in my eyes, i did. i think i yelled something like "HOLY FUCK! IF THIS IS HOW THE DAY IS GOING TO BEGIN, IT CAN -JUST - STOP!"

and now Bacci is insane.

*sharpening her claws on the couch*
andrea: BACCI, STOP!
*bacci stops and lays down innocently on the back of the couch*
andrea: if she would just beHAVE!
*bacci immediately hops up and hops into the shoe box full of wedding invitations*
*bacci hops to the floor and walks over to me*
*i reach my hand down to her*
*Botch rubs her head against my hand lovingly*
*i turn to go back to making my post*
*Bacci attacks my arm full force for a nanosecond and runs away*

what happened to the loveable, clingy ho that we woke up to this morning?
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okee, here's the waist, the random picture, and the ex-bleeding foot, for your viewing pleasure.

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pee. ess. congratulations, all of you, for the harry potter book. i am probably close to thee last human being on the planet (that's HOOman being, DEEONALD!) that has never seen a single movie, nor read a single word of any of the books. it has become almost .. a quest to refuse to see or read them ever ever ever, just so that i can stand firm on the fact i've never seen or read anything potterish. i almost refused to watch someone play the video game because of this.

i also need to have an mstie night. i miss Pumaman. i miss time chasers. i miss all the weird episodes i think i've only seen once. i'm just happy that i have a tape with 3 episodes i never care to see again (though i'll never get rid of it): Hamlet, Devil Fish, and Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. i think our household is long overdue for another random mstie run.
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i'm angry, so sorry no lj cut. take THAT.

OH MY FUCKING HELL! you have GOT to be kidding.

after feeling sorry that i seem to be rapidly shrinking out of my bridesmaid dress only 3 weeks before the wedding and hanging it back up on the hook in the dining room after trying it on for hemming ideas and so andrea could clip off a color swatch to take with her... somewhere, Bitchy Bacci ran right past me, ripping open the SAME FREAKING FOOT, to the same freaking degree, only deeper.

look. LOOK! i don't know where to even freaking begin putting on bandaids for my walk to work, or how well they're going to stay on in smarmy socks. Fuck.

and here's the little terror in a babydoll dress with her scratching post. she's the devil.

grah. methinks i'll go take a shower and eat something before i rip something apart in overexaggerated anger. nevermind, andrea just got in the shower. GAH! i think i need to fucking stay home and go back to freaking bed today. that's the fourth freaking injury to my feet within less than 12 hours, and my mood is RAPIDLY declining. what next, i get hit by a car and they're amputated on the walk to work?

I'M ANGRAY. well, not angry, just really fucking irriated. too bad it's not socially acceptible to take a shot of tequila before work.