July 21st, 2005

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at the end of april, i decided for many reasons (feeling so unhealthy and miserable, diabetes running rampant in my family, other things...) to stop eating sugar and breads. i started out at 227 lbs, which sadly was still not the heaviest i had been after moving here and all the depression i went through even the year before moving here. in weighing myself two halloweens ago, i had weighed in at 240, and i'm pretty sure that i had been a bit heavier than that before i started working again.

it's been almost three months, and i am now down 26 lbs and many many inches (amazing what power walking and moving furniture all day will do to a body.) i don't have before pictures as of yet, though i am getting them developed as we speak. i think my going away party from phoenix is on one of those rolls of films, and definitely my halloween pics of me dressed as Gaz, so i'm very interested to see if i'm the same size now or thinner than i was when i had left phoenix.

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got angry at the one hour photo guy in target, so much so that i almost went to file a complaint, something that i NEVER do when it comes to retail because i've lived the retail life for so long, so i understand how it is at times. i go up to the one hour photo booth and plunk down my disposable cameras. because i used to do this all the time, i understand that one hour doesnt necessarily mean ONE HOUR, that sometimes it takes even two or three, depending upon how busy they are. i ask when i could pick them up, as we'll be in the area for a long time, and he replies snottily that he's got WAY more than enough to last him until closing. if i left my photos with him, the EAAAARLIEST that they MIIIIGHT be done is by 3 pm the next day. ooookay, fine. i understand, i suppose. he asks if i would like to send them for off location fulfillment. i ask what the difference in cost is, that i want singles. he says that on site is $7.95 a roll, and that if i send them out, it would take a week, and they could only do it if i agreed to 3x5 pictures and investment in them all on a disc for my computer. i told him it was a no brainer, i don't want my pictures that small, and i don't need a disc, and i would much rather have them sooner than later, so.... but he kept trying to push me into sending them out. fuck that, do my freaking pictures and LIKE IT! i'll be back tomorrow. jerk. at least it's not food, so i don't have to worry about him jacking off in my frosting or anything.

so, short story long, i may have more pics that i can scan into the computer for you on my day off tomorrow. IIIII am excited.

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nothing says "luvvin" like breaking in a new pair of shoes during a 10 hour shift.

i'm sure i will have perfected the art of levitation by the end of the evening.
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WEEEEEEEEEEEIRD day at work. i swear, all the loonies came out to frolick amidst office supplies (but oddly went home around 7 pm. hrm.)

today, we had:

*** a gentleman that became irate because we didn't carry black highlighters (i meekly showed him the chiseled edged sharpie markers)

*** a lady that screamed at poor pattie, saying it was pattie's fault her utilities were being turned off.

*** a lady (also through pattie's line) that had on no PANTS. i really hope that she was wearing a bathingsuit under that thing she was wearing. it looked like a shirt and short shorts, but at closer look, the 'shorts' were slit WAAAY up the side, to where the waistband would be. she kept sticking her hand through the slit and itching her thigh towards her left butt cheek.

*** a coworker assembled a chair for an older couple... as they were driving down the freeway, the bottom half just.. fell off. i tried to not laugh horrendously as they told me their grisly tale and as i put together a new chair for them.

*** a woman that called, telling me she needed a Canon 6 black and 6 green cartridge. I told her that we had a black, as well as a yellow and a blue, but that there wasn't a green. she called me dumb and said that we HAD to carry the green ink cartridge. No, i stock the ink daily, i can GUARANTEE that we do not carry a green cartridge. i humored her and put her on hold and asked over the radio if anyone had ever heard of such an animal. everyone replied with mirth that yes, yellow and blue DO make green. I got back on the phone and said "i'm sorry, ma'am, we do not carry it in store, someone suggested that you try Canon's website?"

spent WAY too much money during my 1 1/2 hour lunch for dinner, books, and pictures. i had promised a 'before' picture for my 'now' pictures, and there's one WHOPPER that had me disbelieving it was even ME, but here's some more mild ones:

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i'll scan more in within the next few days, i would like to do them in series, as there's SO many stories to tell with each set, and each set had so many memories on them:

- my going away party when i moved from phoenix
- halloween and my hallowedding
- my birthday dinner
- my birthday party
- random work pictures

okay, maybe not THAT many different pictures, but still. i'm sleepy and going to bed.