July 22nd, 2005

disco star

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happiest birthday to forestdweller and weetim!! hope you have the best one EVAR!

bored to tears today, though i'm kind of content to just... BE.. today. today so far has been filled with emotional stimuli, but not in a bad way.

by the way, i'm 5'7", how tall are you?

if you're bored, too, feel free to email me at aubrey.mcsaurus@gmail.com. will try to respond in a timely manner.

in the meantime, i just realized hunger.
disco star

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here's the first set of pictures, as promised.

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some of those pictures will NEVER see the light of day. for those of you that were actually there, you may remember what they might be of.

spent the afternoon going through all of my old photos that i thought i had lost, but suddenly remembered where they were. they're definitely a reminder of how different my life used to be. i can't BELIEVE how much alcohol i consumed back in the day, how much i miss my professional wear. i set aside some of them (okay, a zillion) to scan in and put in my gallery, i'll let you know when they're in.

does anyone know if there's ever a limit on space on pics.livejournal.com?

actually, go here for all the other pics that i scanned in from the rolls of film (including the halloween ones and stuff.)