July 26th, 2005

disco star

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sitting at home, having a Kill Billathon. not a bad way to spend a day off.

the last day off before the wedding NEXT weekend, so i'm torn between wanting to accomplish THE WORLD, and just sitting here, collecting dust, and doing NOTHING.

since it seems to be a million degrees outside, methinks i'll do the latter.

finally got my bridesmaid shoes, they're quite ballet slipper looking, pink and everything, to go with the shiny lavendar. although, since their soles are pepperoni thin, still quite a bit of hemming needs to be done. funny, i never felt short until i put on that dress.

i lie. the first two things i learned in working retail again: i'm not as TALL as i thought, and i'm not as STRONG as i thought.

eesh. a part of vol 2 made me almost panic, i almost had to turn it off because i couldn't handle watching -that- by myself. funny, that never happens. it's going to go on my list of Last Possible Ways I Wish to Die, right along with By Fire, and Electrocution. *violent shudder* i need movie buddies.