July 29th, 2005

disco star

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apparently, i cannot get gmail to work. maybe i'm getting the address wrong? anyone? anyone? Beuller?

loverly kink-in-the-neck is still... loverly, but not THROBBING like it was yesterday. wow. i never knew that breathing could cause your neck to... stab your eye out with pitchforks. and toss walking into the mix? hooo-wee.

work tossed a mid shift into the mix, so i'm up early. sleep is overrated. unfortunately, it seems like coffee, is, too. *looks forlornly at cup*

i now have season one of sg-1 on my computer, so like a nerd, i shall watch them. and then i feel silly because as i was typing that, andrea says something about stanieldaniel calling, and my ears perk up and i think "why is daniel jackson calling YOU?"

i blame the coffee.

will be getting the home phone turned off in about a week, so make sure you all have our cell phone numbers, yo.


*sneezes seven times*

nothing else to report, sorry.
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disco star

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only 25 out of 365 people? pish. i know you can do better than that.

go here and post a picture of you!

i like to see who i'm talkin' to.

have been reading your journals, but my computer doesn't always like me to post responses. so know that you're being read, i'm not ignoring you (completely).

in other news, hilarity ensues on a mocking level when you accidentally open the wrong end of the container of splenda and dump in a literal HANDFULL of splenda into your tiny cup of coffee. my caffeine now tastes like i'm drinking liquid rock candy. yum. :|