August 2nd, 2005

disco star

accomplishments and randomness, per usual

i don't really have much to say other than:

today is the very firstest day in... gosh.. 3 years? that i have weighed in at LESS than 200 lbs. woop HA! i've now hit my goal weight to where i can actually buy my shrinking frame some more clothes, but ironically, i won't have money to even THINK about it until... until... hrm. well, about a month or so from now. maybe by then i can say that i've gone down two pant sizes instead of just one. actually, i have no idea where i am at size wise. last time i even tried on anything, i think i was in limbo between a 16 and an 18. damn birthing thighs. yes, yes, i know the term is actually 'birthing hips', but i think the birthing area sunk a bit low on me, judging from where my, uh.. sturdiness is located. okay, so it's just a lame excuse.

but i'm REALLY excited. not that to look at me you would think i'm excited, i AM the very model of an apathetic individual, afterall.

operatic is in town from georgia! i hope to see him, to meet him finally. it was great meeting him on the phone anyway. i love hearing other people's awe as they discover the beauty that is portland for the first time, to hear the joy they get from what they are seeing/feeling that i feel practically all the time. being in portland is like being on proverbial ecstasy all the time for me. silly, i know, when a lot of you who have been here for practically your entire lives look around and say "erm... yeah? whuttaboutit?" i guess that you would need to spend time in cities that look WAY different, such as phoenix. phoenix is like an alien planet in comparison to portland.

but enough about how i'm still in love with the city. i'm certain that i bore you all to tears with my "but it's PUUUUURDY!" rambling.

i'm going to be poor.. VERY poor.. over the next month or so, but i'm still in a social mood. mayhaps after the wedding is over and i have the entire house TO MYSELF for a week *eep!*, that i can host some social events? like silly stuff like board gaming. sorry that i don't have any games that are really good for group playing for the ps2, but you're certainly welcome to bring them. i could provide the venue, if you wish to bring a six pack of beer or whatnot. or even just soda.

as andrea reads this an instantly starts having visions of hopping cahrazay parties while they're on their honeymoon, i'm sure. but i won't, i promise.

if you wish to do something low key and non money related next week, gimme a call.
baby gaz

hopin' you'll enjoy the show

late night at work. i'm sleepy and sore for some reason. i pulled muscles... somehow, which is odd because in going over EVERYTHING i've done in the last few days, NOTHING would have caused me to pull my leg muscle like that. hrm. and my back? gah. i need a live in masseuse.

note to self: when working in a SKIRT, it is not always wise to be the first to volunteer to shimmy up 10 foot ladders, especially if you balance yourself on them like i do: one foot on a step, and the other leg stretched out as you use your knee to rest on another step so that you can reach over and grab what you need. and another note to self: if coworkers ask you repeatedly if you would rather have THEM on the ladder, and more than one person highly suggests this, do not be all bravado about it and say "no i've got it!"... even if they deny getting a peep show, i'm preeeettttty sure they're lying. uh.. sorry adam and abby. next time, wag your finger at me and say "SKIRT GIRL! DOWN!"

still very very sleepy from my social weekend.

odd to think i just had a day off, am working 1 - 8 tomorrow, and then will be home for FOUR DAYS. okay, not necessarily HOME, but... yeah. i'll be around. text me or call me if you like. i'm horrid at returning calls, though, so...

in the meantime? i think i'll take a nice nap.

after, uh.. some sg-1 though. *shhh*
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