August 3rd, 2005

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came home in a tremendously good mood. what's not to be happy about? i got to see old friends that stopped by officemax (i.e. susan). i got to work with my favorite people (i.e. pattie and kyle). i ran into a boy that works where i always eat my lunch that was always flirty with me no matter how horrid i looked (though he's tooooooo resembling of my last boyfriend to ever be that comfortable around with.) today is the end of my work week until monday, and it seems i have sunday, wednesday, and friday off. weird. came home grinning from ear to ear like an idiot, practically dancing to sloan and gin blossoms and weezer and anything else my mp3 player threw at me.

i'm such a nerd.

weird songs going through my head, mainly going from nickel creek's "sabra girl" to "young", and then onto weezers "keep fishin'". at least it wasn't the theme song to beverly hillbillies. could always be worse.

and how are all of my pretties doing this evening? come to mama. *GROUP HUG*

in the meantime, i shall put on my bridesmaid dress for some line drawing, cuz it's getting hemmed bright and early in the morn.

and lost is coming on.

and isn't nickel creek releasing an album next week? woot. must budget for that. i forgot how much i love them.

It's not like I wanna get married
I never asked you to kiss me
Just don't want you to be sorry you didn't try
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    Nickel Creek - Young