August 7th, 2005

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it was a beautiful ceremony. short and sweet.

i will write more details (and post pictures) later.

the silliest part of the evening? during the ceremony, the best man, joe, ended up COVERED with spiders and ants from the garden. the funny thing about this is that EVERYONE was totally oblivious to this except jessie, gwyn, and myself. the three of us stared at joe in wide-eyed train wreck fascination as the spiders darted under his tie and down the back of his shirt, and as the ants crawled over his shoe and up his pantleg. we fought giggles as joe watched andrea and joel wed, totally oblivious.

went to dana's birthday afterwards, where i drank ENTIRELY too much. i don't know why i felt i must down tons of it in order to catch up with everyone else that had been there hours before me. i remember trying to have profound conversations with people, but adult ADD seemed to take over, so i felt content prancing around in my bridesmaid dress under the stars. i felt like a princess!

came home and accidentally locked daniel out of the house. unfortunately, i didn't realize this until i woke up this morning and got the message on my cell phone that he had gone out to carry everything in and couldn't get back in. i am the worst friend EVAR.

p.s. - i caught the bridal bouquet ;)

but that doesn't change the fact that there's no fucking coffee in the house. methinks i'll walk my hungover arse up to the store and get some before i perish. i can almost feel the caffeine headache bounding in. does that mean i have to comb my hair though? bah.

anyone doing mojo's this evening?

You do something to me that I can't explain.
So would I be out of line if I said,
I miss you.
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i figured i wouldn't post pictures until andrea got home and could see them first.

okay, okay, two pictures, fine.

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now, for that coffee.

Waking up for breakfast
Burning matches
Talking quickly
Breaking baubles
Throwing garbage
Drinking soda
Looking happy
Taking pictures
So completely stupid
Just go away
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thinking of having VERY low key game night here tonight instead of going to mojo's, as we're all poor and VERY hungover from last night, plus we have a whole 27 beers here. granted, to do this, we (I) would need to do some severe cleaning. SEVERE. i can barely wade through everything.

a nap would be delicious, too, i had about .. maybe 5 hours sleep? making it less than 10 in 48 hours.

if'in yer interested, or if you have any brighter ideas, gimme a call.

You are the most, you're so rad, you're so fresh
And I'm so glad
I am yours, you are mine
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