August 12th, 2005

disco star

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i'm sure mornings like these will make andrea miss me not so much when she moves.

i'm force feeding her INXS.

not only am i force feeding her INXS, but i'm also singing to it in my LOVELY just woken up voice.

not only am i singing along with it in my 13 year old boy's morning voice, but i'm also coordinating dances in my chair to it.


game night on saturday is postponed. i'm a horrible friend and totally spaced a birthday party in my sleep deprived mind. unless you want to do a bbq around 5 or 6? i could provide the food if anyone wants to actually run the grill. i have a massive fear of fire, you see. and you don't want my cooking, anyway.

and here's another one of THESE! woo.

Poll #550755 ask meeee! i know you wanna know...

ask me anything. ANYTHANG! questions will be kept silent. answers will not. GO!

tell me a secret! i promise not to tell. i may comment, though. HA!

what cartoon character reminds you most of me? WHY?

here's the rest of the answers from the last time i posted it:

botched_surgery - before i stopped eating sugar, i would say anything with chocolate and no nuts (i liked my food castrated), or swedish fish. however, now that i don't eat sugar, i would have to say anything that doesn't give me enough gas to power a small village.

soulfly1974 - i wish i could say yes, just for conversation's sake, but alas, no. i do have a crazy mole on my chest. i would like to have it removed some day. it whispers evil things in my ear as i sleep.

wallbrat - i would definitely like to do it again soon, someday that i'm not working like mad. i have the next two sundays off, oddly. you free then?

soulresilience - hrm. in that case, my friend. if we were talking a cafe breve with sugar free vanilla? now that would be a hard one. i would have to rethink that.

faetal - i would say soul. i was going to say 'mind', but i think that i put up a lot of facades that cover up what is really going on under the surface. i secretly think that i have a very sexy soul. if people could experience the joy that i feel out of silly little things like the beauty of sunlight through tree branches... wow.

ohsaycanyousay - 7 1/2. i wore a 7 for YEEEARS, but my feet are morphing as i get older.
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