August 14th, 2005

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more horrible dreams last night, though i remember this one: i was on vacation on a cruise, and we were all boarding the ship again for our trip home (for some reason, it was that we hopped on.. went somewhere... got off the ship for a few days, then came back, instead of the traditional round trip ones.) as i was going to board the ship, i remembered that i had left my birth certificate (needed RL for getting on cruise ships when you don't have a passport) in my backpack in my bedroom, because i had put it there for andrea's wedding, instead of leaving it in my purse. i tried to haggle with the man that was checking i.d.'s to get on the ship, but he said that no matter what, i wasn't getting on that ship without it. i started FUHREAKING out, thinking i was going to be stranded where ever i was, and panicking as i had almost no money, and how the hell was i going to get home? so i sobbed. and i cried. and i threw tantrums. and i felt overwhelmed with helplessness as i saw everyone else get onto the ship just fine. i remember sitting on the ground, arms around my knees as i rocked back and forth, sobbing. as the ship was getting ready to disembark, the guy waved me aboard, saying that when i didn't have the needed i.d., i was going on standby, that i had to make sure there was enough room on the ship before i boarded. he was still a MASSIVE prick to me, though a lady coworker near him was quite nice and gentle. i instantly felt completely humiliated at my outburst and that i had freaked out so much, and angry that they had made me honestly believe i would be stuck there, living on the streets. everything seemed better after i got on board, i found my friends and we got food as the ship was leaving. i told them that the captain was a great driver, and to check out how well he maneuvered the ship! i remember going through the buffet and sneaking food i never eat anymore (i.e. mashed potatoes), and my eyes still burning from crying, and my lungs still hurting from the outburst.

woke up with my neck quite in pain again. i'm thinking that maybe i should really start considering going to a chiropractor, as it certainly doesn't seem to be getting better on its own, the jerk.

and i hear that spurs and/or mojo's is in store for the evening? i'm trying to talk andrea into coming out. we shall see.
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last night was more fun than i had expected (what with Doomy Doom hanging over my head and all...) it was great to see secret_ninja on her birthday, and to meet new people and see old ones that i always enjoy spending time with. although i feel a lot more comfortable in my skin than i used to, and more comfortable around the crowd than i used to, i still felt a bit... off, and ended up flitting from group to group, trying to figure out where i 'fit', before hitting a place in my intoxication where i didn't give a crap, and just plunked down in the dirt next to the bonfire.

the coolest and creepiest part of the night was when i was talking to this girl that didn't really know anyone around there other than laura. we were joking that we would never be able to remember each other's names, so whenever i saw her, i would grin and point and yell "JEWEL!" after several passes, she gaped at me and said "I KNOW YOU! YOU ARE... AUB...KABOB!" my brother took a step back and yelled "WOAH! CREEPY!"

turns out that she's the best friend i heard so much about from darkminstrel when he and i would hang out a lot when we both first moved up here. small freaking world. i haven't seen him in over two years, and i think he still has my prescription sunglasses. if he hasn't thrown them out, that is.

but all in all, methinks that it was a good night. i came home and flopped on my bed in my tank top and underwear, and listened to music, trying to hear each song as if i were hearing it for the first time. does this song come off as annoying? does this one display what Sloan really is? is Kevin Griffin's voice too nasally in this one to form a positive opinion on Ezra? i listened to the words and the way the notes would intertwine, and found a little bit of magic in each one.

i still feel bad about forcing a certain someone to bring me home early, but GAW, all that sleep was freaking delicious.

i also think that after tonight's shindig, i may swear off of drinking again for awhile. i had stopped drinking for the most part for a VERY long time, just because it didn't really present itself for the most part, but since i've started going to mojo's, beer *swoon* hath becometh a staple in my weekly diet again.

but, gaw, i love it. though, i do confess i've just been drinking rotgut beer lately, nothing actually.. GOOD. but i still love beer.

which reminds me of living in phoenix, how almost ZERO females would drink beer, only fou fou drinks and wine coolers. screw that. gimme a pitcher!

in other news, apparently i'm playing at DaDa for reals. this means i SO need to get to practicing/writing. i will do my bestest not to become intimidated.

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because i was tagged by my dearest pollytrance:

List three random facts about yourself that your friends might not know. And then tag five other friends to do it.

1. i sniff glasses. whenever i pull a new glass from the cupboard, i always have to sniff it before putting anything into it.

2. i do not eat bread or sugar, or things related to either. (though a lot of you may know this.. so maybe i'll come up with a 4th one just because of that.)

3. my ULTIMATE dream for when i grow up is not to be a rockstar, but to do voiceovers for cartoons.

4. when listening to music, about half the time, i'll try to envision how i would make a video for it. the different camera angles, how the band would be pictured, where it would take place.

okay, and i suck at tagging, so um... lessee...


aaaah, another plague-ridden day...
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because i'm catching up on tagging...

as tagged by oatmeal:

List 5 things you do when alone that relax you completely. Then tag 5 people and have them post their five things in their journal.

1. music, music, music
2. watch old random vhs tapes i recorded EONS ago. it's funny to see what i used to deem important to record + see all the old commercials.
3. stretch. nothing beats a good stretch session.
4. read, mainly fantasy genre. i need to read more.
5. play old rpg's on ps2, including final fantasy 6 and chrono trigger

aaaaaaaand, this time around, i tag:

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and one more tag...

my dearest belenen tagged me for this AGES ago, and i kept promising to do it. i'm doing it last, because it will take a lot of thought and reasoning.

the original meme said: list ten fictional characters that you would like to have sex with. Then tag five friends to share their list. Bel then switched it up to make it 'find irresistable in every way'.

i like the irresistable, maybe with a little bit of sex appeal tied in.

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honorable mentions that almost made the list: Robin, Frylock, Samantha Carter, Zim himself.

as for tags? you don't have to do it to THIS degree (though it would be a fantastic read!), but i henceforth tag:


"i'm not getting smart!" "I can't!"

"i don't know about you...." "but i'm an icky elf!"
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