August 16th, 2005

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thank you, dojie, for the sexy icon!

as i've said a million and one times before, i'm a sucker for a big dork.

trying to concoct an article out of my ass this morning. had to reload office onto my computer since it.. sorta wasn't there anymore after reformatting my harddrive. i don't really have a SPECIFIC topic in mind for the article, maybe something general about music being the soundtrack to our lives, and different roles and genres that music has played in mine. i mean, hell. i've gone through so many phases. the bay city rollers were my firstest favoritest band EVER, i've been into rap (though a VERY short period), heavy metal, alternative, power pop... and now, lately, i've been getting a tremendous appreciation for all the music that came before my time, i.e. late 60's and early 70's.

we'll see if i can pull something out of me arse. if not, this may be the first month i don't have an article in the magazine since i started. but it HAS been a hectic month.

and will continue to become even more hectic. gah, i need to get me buns in GEAR, man!

i feel like i have pent up energy lately, and that i desperately need to focus all of that energy into... SOMETHING. mental energy, yes. physical energy? not so much.

i remember a time in my life (totally unrelated to anything i have said here thusfar) that i could recite every nation in the world in less than one minute. (my personal best was 51 seconds.) i thank the animaniacs for this, of course. unfortunately, i'm quite out of practice now and there's lots of thinking involved to make certain i haven't missed anything, not to mention that there's been MANY political changes in the world, and a lot of the countries listed no longer exist...

ha ha, def leppard just came on vh1 classic. aaaah, the memories. i was going to grow up and marry rick savage, of course. seeing as my previous marriage 'proposals' to the lead singer from bay city rollers, jimmy carter, bo duke, kirk cameron, and sean astin hadn't panned out.

special thoughts going out to andrea's mother, who apparently fell in a parking lot or something, and is in the ER. i hear it isn't overly SERIOUS, but that she's spooked.

*edit* blergy. in trying to write my article, i feel like the biggest yawn ever existed. i am SO not in touch with my witty-creative self today. i think i left it in bed.
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