August 18th, 2005

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so i go into work today, at 845 am.

yes, i really did.

and look at the schedule.

and realize that it says 845 to Close, which means 845 PEE EM, not AY EM.

yes, yes, i showed up to work TWELVE hours early.

well, THAT'S just dumb. (dumb like a moose, dib, dumb like a moose!)
(and by 'dumb', i mean silly that they would schedule me for a 3 hour shift dumb, not that i mistook 845 to mean 'the morning'. in the two years i've been there, i've never seen anyone scheduled for a 2 hour shift.)

the vice president of the WORLD was there this morning, so they kept me until they left. they were mightily impressed, so the dreaded two hour visit lasted only 15 minutes. bueno.

and because they're already short a person again tonight, i'm now working 5 to close.

i so want a freaking day off.

and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME! two years ago on this day, i started my first shift at officemax. two days from now would have been my two year anniversary at Michael's, had i stayed there.

thank freaking goodness, i didn't. i hear things are becoming ABOMINABLE there. ha ha. neener. i can still grin and wave as i walk past them 4 times a day, though (i have to walk past michaels coming two and from work, and going to and from lunch.) every time i think about getting a second job again, i remind myself as to how much my feet hurt, how i spent all of my extra money eating out (not wanting to bring 3 full meals a day with me on foot), and how much i don't miss riding the bus. no money was ever saved, and my free time can be spent on SO many better things, like... FRISBEE! not really. the only time i've touched a frisbee in the last decade was to pick it up from one spot and move it out of the way into another spot.

but seriously, folks. once the whole moving thing is over with, with the roommates, and things slow back down, i'm planning on taking inventory of my LIFE, and change what needs changing. i keep MEANING to go back to school, why haven't i? i keep MEANING to play my guitar and sing more, to create more music, why haven't i?

stupid life.

in the meantime, methinks i'll go take a nap.
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nap, schnap. sleep is overrated, anyway.

instead, we...

** went to Comcast and got cable and internet out of andrea's name and into mine.
** went grocery shopping for veggies, guac, and hamburger.
** called Comcast to correct the fact that I didn't HAVE internet anymore.
** ate low carb nachos, picnic style while watching Ellen
** ate carb free ice cream (aka "cold powder")

aaand now i leave in two hours for work, don't think i technically have time for a nap. methinks i'll call the power company to see if we can switch to my name on that easily, as well. hee hee, i feel all growed up, having stuff in my name again.

but boy, shall i miss the days of saying "here's a hundred bucks, lemme know if you'll need more."

but i feel for the first time in awhile that i've productively utilized my time. funny how most of the time, you feel like you haven't accomplished anything, though you've been running around constantly.

i so wish work would call and tell me they didn't need me, afterall.

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bored with online. dunno if that's what's been causing me to be so ... BORING... lately, but whatever it is, i apologize.

went back into work with THEE worst attitude. i have officemax burnout. not only have i worked through my days off, but i've now gone in TWICE in one day. egads, i need a freaking day off.

i feel like such a weenie, as i DID have sunday off. i'm trying to remember what i did, that made it feel like it wasn't a day off. ah, yes, i remember now. wore pajamas until i was forced into real clothing and went to a barbecue, then karaoke. so it really WAS a day off! maybe it's just been a long week.

may get saturday off. either way, if the schedule stays the same next week, i will get a THREEEEEEE day weekend: tuesday, wednesday, and thursday.

awwww, yes.

anyhoo. ending this while it's still monotonous and unexciting. wouldn't want to startle ya.