August 28th, 2005

disco star

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to play tonight, or not play tonight? that is the question. i almost think that sunday karaoke is in our blood now, as jess and i are itching to go SING, although neither of us really have money (nor transportation). plus, i'm actually off work tomorrow.


notes from work:

yesterday, pattie saw a man get completely pantsed by his son on the furniture pad. she was asking his wife if she would like a bag for her purchase, looked up, and saw only BUTT. and i thought stuff like that only happened to me (the witnessing, not the pantsing. please refrain, i shall cry.)

a woman asked for a little hand held dymo electric label maker, which we don't carry, though i took her over and showed her what we did. "NO!" she exclaimed angrily, "It's tiny and fits in your hand and takes batteries, it's shaped like THIS!" "well, i'm sorry, "said i, "we do not carry that kind, but this is what we do." she became enraged and picked up a package next to the label makers and shook it at me angrily "then what do you call THIS?!?" i looked at her soberly and said "that's what i would call a calculator, ma'am."

if anything is going on tonight, gimme a call, we'll see what we can do. we're excited about our 'new' apartment and getting settled. wow, there's so much ROOM. sad on one hand to know that i don't own anything anymore, other than a desk and a dresser, but still nifty.