August 31st, 2005


Negative Nancy strikes again...

this is already turning out to be a crapfuckingtacular day.

up since 730, because i couldn't sleep. waking up to a bug crawling on my face didn't help.

my breakfast is burned.

i can't find things i thought i owned.

my brother tells me 'i hope your day gets better!'; two seconds later, a jar of marshmallow goo falls out of the fridge and breaks, leaving my kitchen floor a sticky mess.

maybe i should just cry myself into a nice little nap before the 7th layer of hell that i know awaits me at work tonight.


meanwhile, i'm stressing out about everyone in new orleans and the surrounding areas. sure, i'm having a bad day, but it's not a bad MONTH. (yet, anyway.) stuff i may have is missing, but missing a bottle of soap isn't nearly as bad as missing a HOME. or family members.

need to go shopping for necessities. i just need to roam around in my daily life first to see what the hell i'm missing.

besides my fucking sanity.

not to say i'm not grateful. i love my dear faetal for leaving me as much as she did. at least i HAVE a frying pan, no matter if anything i put into it immediately welds itself to the bottom.

and why is kimahri taking so freaking long to earn up levels? that ronso jerk.
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