September 5th, 2005

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my condolences go out to all of you on my friends list that have to work today, especially those in a retail environment, dealing with all of those special sales.

my heart will bleed for you as i don my navy shirt and khaki pants and do my best to console people that want to buy pencil sharpeners or pencil top erasers, things we've been out of for days now.

today is also an anniversary of sorts. two years ago found me flashing my wares on the city street, and working at a very different officemax. (note that it was the second or third pair of pants i had done this to, though not to this degree, in less than two weeks.) it's funny to read back on those posts and remember how MISERABLE i was then, living with my mother, working two jobs, and how... RUDE.. everyone was at omx to me when i first started working there. i remember how i even got off of work one night and went next door to michaels to beg for full time so that i could ditch officemax, i hated it so much.

funny how only a few months later, it switched completely. i cracked a joke during a meeting, a harmless joke, and was lectured for FIVE MINUTES about it by the manager that has no sense of humor. i turned in my two weeks that same morning, going to officemax for my evening shift and letting them know i was available for full time.

and now i'm... what.. wanting to go back? am i INSANE?!? and i have to ask that same manager for my job. freaking FUN. i should hold a festival in honor.

i keep telling myself it's only temporary.

only temporary.

hee hee, every time i hear this song, it always makes me think of The Vacant Stairs and how this was the first song that we ever played in practice together, ever (sans norsican who couldn't make it to the first practice, alas), crowded into stacebass's little desk area, trying to figure out the chords on the piano. (well, they were. i just sang.)

i went for a walk
on a winter's day...
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i stoled this from grlleastlikely, and am reposting it mainly for raisin, because it SO reminds me of us when we were little:

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okay, so it was mainly posted for MY reminiscence. i wish i was more creative with my responses, but eesh, i'm tired.

long day.

i almost had a panic attack after standing at my register with FIVE GAZILLION people in line for seven hours straight (other than my half hour lunch). after sitting in the QUIET breakroom for 10 minutes, i felt so much better.

though i feel sad and weird after picking up my michael's application and talking to denise. so much for 'never working there again!'.. but oh how i will love 25% employee discount again. and days that i work both jobs, i'll finally get caught up on my reading again.


hooray for tomorrows off.

can't you see you're falling down
thanks to things i never knew
don't you know i'm trying hard...
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okay, here's a question for you fellow music fans on my friends list.

i am wanting to send someone some of the bands that mean the most to me, but i don't want to inundate them with too much music at once.

so, to you fellow sloan fans:

which chris song do you think is best?
andrew song?
patrick song?
jay song?

and by best, i really mean displays them and their personal songwriting abilities best? (for those of you that don't listen to sloan, one thing i've adored about them is that they each write and sing their own songs, resulting in four very distinct styles within one album...)

for you fellow ezra fans:

which song do you think displays their fun side best?
emotional side best?

october project?


nickel creek?

i'm very interested in hearing your opinions on these and WHY you feel the way you do about your choices.


in other, more feliney news...

so andrea and i traded desks upon the move. the change of desks has posed a slightly different problem than i had before....

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