September 15th, 2005

disco star

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LONG day. i'm sore and tired.

- got off work an hour after i was supposed to. took so long because a manager was busy talking with a friend and couldn't finalize my till.

- decided that while i was waiting, i would help the closers out since they were short handed, and bring up 10 cases of recycled paper. after doing this, i realize that my brand new khaki jeans are red all OVER from the red boxes. que'? i've never had this happen! it looks like i hugged a midget clown.

- my last customer was a jerk that talked to me like i was an idiot 2 year old that didn't know rechargeable batteries from my ass. (*points at the batteries* okay, there's my ass, now where did i put those batteries?) so i pawn the jerk off on a coworker. apparently, what i was adamantly saying we didn't carry, we suddenly do now. the customer NATURALLY had to chase me down to rub it in "just so you KNOOOOW..."

- i go next door to michaels to see if next week's schedule is out yet. yup! and they have me double-booked! on my application, it says i cannot work past 230, because of officemax. day one: 10 to 3. day two: 11 to 4. ... the HELL? i'm so not dealing with this right now.

- all i want for dinner is STEAK. i'm willing to throw a spear at one in an open field, so why SHOULDN'T i go to WinCo during it's busiest time of the day?!? i grab the steak, broccoli, mushrooms, hot sauce, garlic powder, and pepper and go to get in line. naturally, someone with an overflowing cart gets in front of me, as i have a few tiny objects (which get VERY heavy when you're holding them awkwardly, by the way. in case you wondered.). this person writes a check, but is the type of person that KNOWS she's writing a check, but doesn't even open her PURSE to dig through it to get her checkbook until AFTER her total is given. i'm the type of person that is always terrified of holding up the people behind me, so cash is in hand before it's even begun to be rung up.

- FINALLY through the line. i need stamps! so i go stand in line... and have THREE PEOPLE cut in front of me. (i'm too meek to yell!) all flipping smokers there for cigarrettes, too. I'M BLAMING YOU! i was angry at the worker because she OBVIOUSLY doesn't know how to handle multiple customers, but i try to give her the benefit of the doubt.

- FINALLY on my way home. i almost get hit by a van WHILE I'M ON THE SIDEWALK. the .... FUCK?!? neveryoumind that i had just hopped into an intersection minutes before, thinking the light would be green for a century or two, just to have it turn red after i had reached the Point of No Return. (lessee, i can turn back and look like an idiot, or i can RUN for it, and look like an idiot, groceries in bags flapping against my thighs. WATCH MY MEAT! with the second one, i'm closer to home!)


- i only work both jobs two days next week, and it's not a massive killer. 10 to 11 (13 hours, not 12) isn't going to kill me. i've done worse. both days i work both jobs, i get the next day off, AAAAND i still have 3 days off next week! (tuesday, thursday, friday.)

- it didn't rain on me and my pepper as i was walking home, though it looked like it was REEEEALLY thinking about it.


peeked through lj though i didn't have the energy (mental) to comment other than one or two. (i.e. to tell sonatamoonlight that i dreamed about her last night, and i'm SO sorry for messing up her books.)

LOL i was so considering going to bed, and looked at the clock. SEVEN THIRTY? crap, i can't go to bed YET.

and there's an article that needs writing by saturday! d'oh!