September 17th, 2005

disco star

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so i've been awake since six a.m. not a clue WHY, nor am i happy about this, as it was my first day to sleep in all week. (okay, for the last few days anyway, i exaggerate.) i'm laying in bed, trying to konk back out, when i realize that... OH MY CRAP!!! IT'S THE SEVENTEENTH! i know that date each month means NOTHING to most of you folk, but for MEEE, it's the deadline that i have to have my article in for the next month's issue of FlavAZ.

welllllllllllll, poop. i don't even have a TOPIC, let alone have something WRITTEN. shoot, what should i do? i've been skinning by every month by pulling an article out of my ass last second for the most part, because i can't be bothered with that 'thinking ahead' dookie that everyone's been talking about.


once i came to this realization, there was NO going back to sleep.

i also just set off the smoke alarm boiling water for tea. sorry to all of yous sleeping in this house as well. i didn't KNOW i could move that quickly before 8 am on a saturday.

my tummy's been upset and HURTING for days now. grrr. NOT the best thing when you're stuck behind a register at work.
bwa kawk

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is there a musical version of to where you can plug in a musician - ANY musician, no matter HOW mundane - and pull up a list of anything they've been involved in? it's remarkably hard to do an article on a band that broke up over six years ago and wasn't around for a long time before-hand.

unless any of you happen to know whatever happened to the ex members of Jale/The Vees? k,thanks.

it also breaks my heart to see that there's SO MUCH of Jale i don't have and can probably never get, stuff that i've never heard.