September 18th, 2005

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not quite certain why i am still up. i'm plain tuckered out and work both jobs for the first time tomorrow. at least the days aren't QUITE as long as they had been (i would work 7 am until 245 pm, clock out, take off my apron, walk next door, put my name tag on, and clock in to work 3 pm until 1130 pm, and do it again the next day...)

peeked around online for good short-term schools to help me get my foot in the door in the medical field, could only really find Concorde. any other suggestions? ...Beuller?

my mother told me that i wasn't funny, and was totally serious about it.

me: if bad things happened and we needed to move out in the middle of nowhere and live off the land, andrea knows everything about plants, and .. and... i could be the comic relief!
mom: no offense, aubrey, but you've ALWAYS been lacking in that arena. you take over your dad when it comes to sense of humor.



golly, thanks.

*instantly thinks of her childhood and her mother telling her that she wouldn't make a very pretty nun because she would have to rely only on her face for looks, and that she could never be a singer*

i'm not overly bitter, just sleepy and weary.

mmmm, bath.

regarding the emmys so far:

is it just me, but did patricia heaton look like a blazing BITCH when everyone was cheering and clapping for Ellen *LOVEHER* and patricia was sitting there, nose in the air, arms crossed? wow. i could almost see the heat seething from her. and who knew zach braff is only 3 weeks younger than me? tee hee hee.

gah! letterman's on! i heart him, too. i so wish i would have paid attention to carson when he was on t.v.

wow, i came thsclse to crying at the carson tribute. hoo. *fans eyes*

cool, ray liotta won for his appearance on ER. i remember that episode DID make me cry and gave me the freeping willies.

speaking of ER, what's this i hear about freeping john leguizamo joining the cast? and the chick from 3rd rock from the sun? egads, it's going to be a terrifying season. did they just start pulling names out of hats for new doctors? will they next be playing Mad Libs for scripts?

and i WAAAS going to go to bed, but kenneth branagh is up for an emmy? gotsta see that!