September 20th, 2005

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Because I was curious as to which interests out of my 150 that it would pull up...

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played my Mithra warrior up to lvl 7. Yup. That's about it today. Oooh, and laundry and voting.

Now I'm watching Big Brother finale. I get to miss Lost tomorrow, but that's okay, because I haven't seen ALL of the first season yet. And isn't the new ER this week as well? I'm actually off. Woot.

R.I.P. Downtown Denny's, I hardly new ye, yet I mourn ye still.

I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something MUI importante. I hate that.

in other news, whaaaaa? Mistique dumped Uncle Jessie for Quinn Mallory?!?

I'm cold.
disco star

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holy freaking CRAP, Rita, hasn't the south had ENOUGH?!?

You sucking whorebat.

holy mary.

LOL right as i typed that, they put a statue of.. Holy Mary in the winds on t.v.

speaking of natural disasters, it's interesting living in the wake of an active volcano. my brother and i were walking to target last week, and he said "ooh, look: St Helens is erupting again! Anyway, as I was saying..."

I keep meaning to try to take a picture of St. Helens and Mt. Hood for your viewing pleasure, though I have a sucky camera.

pee ess.. so far, you Clark County voters, it looks as if C-Tran WILL get the tax increase to keep our public transit alive! woo!