September 21st, 2005


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someone asked me recently if i believed in love. i replied that i didn't. i remember having to think for a long time as to whether or not i did, and i can't even really put my finger on why i chose 'no' for my answer. i know that there's different kinds of love... a love for chicken fried rice, for example, or a love a mother has for a child. but what about love between a man and a woman (woman and woman, man and man)? i'm not overly sure that i do. maybe part of it is because i'm 30 years old and have never had a long term relationship. maybe it's because the times that i THOUGHT i was in love, it ended up being one-sided. maybe i think that couples hook up because it's 'convenient'. i mean, in couples, isn't there ALWAYS one person that cares more than the other?

now it's your turn to tell me why YOU believe or disbelieve in love. i'm curious as to what you all think.

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sleepy meeee.

guess what. GUESS! no, that's not it!

i bought yarn today, fancy fancy yarn. you know what i am going to do with said yarn?


i got two different types of white, one a VERY soft fuzzy white, and another a silly eyelash type fun furry-ish short haired version that may be cool to mix with regular white. i picked up a FABULOUS red to make into a pom.

now. just to learn to make hats.