September 24th, 2005

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up briiiiiiight and early... strike that. there's nothing bright at ALL outside, except possibly the street lamps.

this seems like entirely too early to be waking up on a saturday morning where a road trip isn't involved. soooo hard to wake up. bleh. and remember how i thought i was exaggerating when i said i would be walking to work in 45 degree weather? well, it's actually 41 out at the moment. and me without my longjohns ;) i DID put a t-shirt on under my uniform shirt to help keep me warm, but methinks that won't be enough. and i don't want to bundle up TOO much, as it's supposed to be in the high 70's for my walk home.

silly moody weather.

i have no idea how long i work today, but i'm thinking that there's a nap at the end of that thar tunnel.

*goes to put on socks* um... why do i have a red sock that obviously belongs to a child? the heal only reaches the arch of my foot. huh.

and yes, i have tiny feet.
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just finished watching episode 1 - 6 of Lost. Doesn't matter that those are some of the few that i've seen already, i SO don't mind watching them again. i agree that there's things that you get watching it a second time that didn't overly click at the first run.

Charlie: and someone dropped... this. *hands Kate her shirt*
Kate: it was.. full of bees.
Charlie: funny. i would have guessed C's.

it's not even 8 pm on a saturday night, and i'm SO ready for bed.

and SO ready to stop using the word 'so' as an adjective.

on the agenda for soon? fafsa. maybe some jobby tests to see what i should do when i grow up.


and work. lots of it.
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