September 26th, 2005

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so i had sent in requests for additional information on some local colleges for getting my foot in the door for a medical career of some sort. i had figured that they would just drop me something in the mail, maybe try to call me once, and call it a day.

holy HELL GET OFF MY PHONE! seriously. they keep calling. keeep. caaaallling. and i've gotten calls from three of them SERIOUSLY in less than fifteen minutes. (didn't answer any of them, but still...) in researching my options, i'm thinking so far that my best bet is to go through clark, not through a vocational school.

and if you haven't done so already, gimme your snaily maily address!

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jess and i are sitting here, dinking on our computers, and i feel bad for sticking it on vh1 classic, as they're playing ALL sorts of really cheesy not important stuff, though they keep talking to the spin doctors, and i remember liking them a bit when i was a youngin.

we both shit purple twinkies when... on the t.v.... are you ready for this?


i wet myself. i immediately raced to the television and plopped down, cross-legged, and avidly watched it, as although Jellyfish is one of my favoritest most influential bands of ALL TIME (to me), i had never seen them in motion, other than part of the "Baby's Coming Back" video, when it was originally played on mtv, when i was 18 or so. and that was only once.

this was "King is Half Undressed". Jason Falkner looked 12 years old. I didn't realize that the boys were quite... well... i'd kiss 'em. I felt a smidge below bowing before the moving figure of Andy Sturmer singing on MY television.

okay, this is a bit borderline fanatic, i KNOW. i was angry that i hadn't moved the vcr back downstairs, when i rarely watch anything on it in my room anymore. but my bedroom is the ONLY room without cable, so i like HAVING that option.

for those of you that have never heard Jellyfish.... here's the song they just played the video for! I used to sing along to them in my car at the top of my lungs, as Andy's voice is PERFECT for my vocal range and inflection. i used to especially play/sing along to them to and from band practice back in the days of The Vacant Stairs, and we covered both "Baby's Coming Back" and "Glutton of Sympathy", the second of which i played at all of my solo acoustic gigs, back in 'the day'.

gaw, i love them.

and now? they're playing a video with max headroom. remember him? good times.
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profile updated with the testimonials i've received from you so far, thank you very much! keep 'em coming!

finally got around to dying my hair tonight, took some unfabulous pictures for your gawking pleasure. well, i dunno about PLEASURE, i didn't put any makeup on, afterall.

i will have those up for you in a bit.

in the meantime...

i um.. lost my photo editing software, and whenever i try to rotate the pictures without it, it always ruins the picture. so, sorry. deal.

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okee, okee, here's some pictures of me. i had wanted to take some pics so that you all could see how long (and awkward) my hair is getting, and figured that as i did the haircolor (again) that it would be a good time to do so. i have also been meaning FOR FOREVER to take pictures of me wearing the beautiful earrings from belenen that she created for me. i'm sorry that it took me so long to get these up, hun!

the first pics are not the most flattering, as i'm not wearing makeup, and wearing baggy clothing. i also hate how dark my hair turns out at first. after a few washes, it'll be this FUN red, and then after a few more, will fade to that LUSCIOUS copper red that anything in the red family will fade to. meh.

my other pair of earrings were behind a locked bathroom door with a brother bathing behind it, so i was sad that i couldn't immediately take pictures of that, too. however... in uploading my dada pictures (more on that in a bit! calm down, raygunzero!!), i came across gothed me (a rarity!) wearing the other pair! so viola!

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okee, okee, greggypoo, pictures of dada are finally up!

clicky here, if you please. DaDa - September 3rd, 2005!!!

behind that link are pictures of:


aaand probably some others that were there whose name i cannot remember at this moment in time. i really wish i would have taken more/better pictures, but i was shy until i was too drunk TOO take pictures.

great fun was had. until i tried to sleep in the car at 330 am. talk about FREEZING.

weird. i'm watching an episode of the Dead Zone, first one i've seen in YEARS, and one of the characters is named Aubrey. apparently, Aubrey was murdered. and i keep weirding out because i'm not used to hearing my name used SO FREQUENTLY.

"who would have a motive to kill Aubrey?"
"Aubrey was killed in this room."
"He was in love with someone named Aubrey."
"Why would they kill Aubrey?"
"What did Aubrey have to do with anything?"
"Aubrey. I've heard that name before!" (at which point, i laughed and said "so have i!")