September 27th, 2005


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thinking of shallowly doing a friends cut, as i just breached the 400 friends of point, and it's getting a tad ... difficult... to keep up. i know that there's quite a few dead journals on my friends list that haven't updated since 2003 (oh how i wish a purge were possible!), and that there's quite a few more that i feel i have absolutely nothing in common with.

i've always told myself that if someone friended me on a REAL journal (i've gotten a couple of fake ones in my years.) that i would add them back and keep them on my friends list for forever and ever amen, no matter what. if they choose to keep me on THEIR friends list, who am i to keep them from reading? it's not like i post overly sensitive stuff in this journal, anyway (i reserve that for other places...)

but i'm finding that i spend more and more of my time on this journal versus other, more reclusive ones.

so i'm certain that your next question is.. "so, aubrey.... if you are overwhelmed at the number of friends on your list, why on earth do you keep whoring yourself out for more?"

well, i respond with this:

each and every time that i have 'whored' myself out in adding communities, i have met SO many people that deeply intrigued me, that inspired me, that i ended up being very close to. i would not have met them otherwise. granted, i've met some others that i just can't seem to click with, or that i never feel i ever have anything intelligent to say in response to their posts. this does not mean that i don't find them intelligent or inspiring - they just seem to be inspiring in other ways, i suppose.

so if i cut you, it's nothing personal, i promise. maybe in the grand scheme of things, we are meant to be friends, just not yet. i always felt that timing is everything. sometimes, people meet in the middle and don't overly get along well, split up for awhile or don't run across each other in years, and suddenly, they just *click*. something that they had learned in their life lessons helped them to glean from each other the friendship that they needed/was ready for, in that point in time.

welp, i'm just rambling.

but if i do end up carrying through with the cut, it may be a few days/weeks before i am done, as 400+ friends is a lot to go through one by one to decipher whether or not we're ready for each other.

or whatever.
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bacci computer

let me spam your friends page!

holy crap, i lost track of time!

jess complained to me that he works until 930 tonight and then at 530 am tomorrow. i said that sucked.

it just clicked that i'm more or less doing the same thing: working until 1030 tonight, and then working from 7 am until 1030 pm tomorrow, between the two jobs.


i also realized just now that i have WAY less money until friday than i thought i did.


got through _'s, a's, and b's on my friends list, so if you were removed, love you, i wish you the best of luck. if your name starts with those and you were not cut, you're safe :)

but hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work i go...